Go2Products Launches A Small Version Of their Microfiber Sport Towel That Offers A Quick Drying Solution

The XL Microfiber Sport Towel has become a big seller and due to popular demand, a smaller version was launched.

Amazon, the largest online shopping platform is pleased to announce in conjunction with Go2Products, the company behind the Go2Towel line that they have added a new product to their shopping network. The product is the small version of the XL Microfiber sports towel that comes in a size of 20×40 inches.

The product, which comes with a free bag, is perfect for the beach, travel, sports, camping, yoga, and fitness. It removes the problems people face when needing a towel. Many of the sports and beach towels available are too big and bulky and do not dry quickly, providing the consumer with a wet towel they need to carry around with them. Go2Products came up with the solution and launched a microfiber towel that was not only smaller than the average towel but also provides a fast drying solution.

With it being light, and absorbing 10x its weight as well as being compact, it has given people a real alternative to bulky towels. No longer do people have to worry about carrying around with them a wet towel that can smell, the fast drying gym towel, which comes with hygienic coating, that prevents the build-up of bacteria, mold, fungi, and odors.,

A spokesman for Go2Products said: “We decided to launch the small version of our product after receiving lots of emails from our happy customers on how they would love to have a smaller version to take to the gym or carry in the car.”

The fast drying towel is currently available at a special discount price of $11.99 (retail price $19.99) on Amazon. That price can be further reduced with a special discount of 25% when people subscribe to Go2Products newsletter by visiting www.go2products.com

Since being launched on Amazon, the product has continued to receive five-star reviews, making it one of the most reviewed products this month.

To learn more about the microfiber sports towel, which helps people become dry without using a bulky towel, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Microfiber-Camping-Fitness-Antibacterial-Absorbent/dp/B01HPHCPYY

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