Indie app creator to seek crowdfund support at Kickstarter for award-winning kids’ app ‘Photo Tales – Create Photo Stories with Your Kids’

Indie app creator Tho Pham is soon to launch crowdfunding support at Kickstarter to garner support for his innovative award-winning reading app for kids Photo Tales that enable users to narrate engaging stories by changing words and creating illustrations.

Plano, Texas – August 1st, 2016 – Independent app creator Tho Pham is soon to launch a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for his award winning children’s education app Photo Tales – Create Photo Stories with Your Kids.

The app has been felicitated by and has also earned highest ratings on and The app is available in a wide number of languages so that it can be used by kids in any part of the world.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise $10,000.

“Reading is undoubtedly one of the most valuable skills we should impart to our kids and when they know how to read, they can unfold the whole world before them. Children are more attentive and focused when they can see their own pictures & things they like during the learning process. Keeping that spirit alive, my innovative award-winning app is meant to make the concept of reading more enjoyable & engaging by enabling you to create interesting stories by changing words and creating your own illustrations. Following that, you will be able to teach them the right pronunciation of the words that would altogether have the entire narrative etched in their minds. But such a futuristic project demands a robust financial backing and hence the crowdfunding campaign. Your support would be much appreciated,” stated Pham while announcing about the soon-to-launch crowdfunding campaign.

The app allows one to upload photos from the photo album or through the device camera. The stories available with the app can be modified as per specific preferences & personal photos of the users. They can alter the keywords, background colors, text’s font, size & color.

Other features include:

• Easy photo cropping

• Stamp icons available for user’s stories

• Easy drawing facility on photos & stamp icons

• Users would be able to save their Photo Tales stories on their devices or else can email it to friends & family.

“The app was introduced to my son’s pre-school amidst huge response. It’s sleek, effective and most importantly, kids simply love it. The fund raised through this crowdfunding campaign would be utilized for updating the app and its promotional activities. My app would be an excellent teaching aide both for teachers & parents and if my crowdfunding campaign is successful – I would consider allowing my app to be downloaded for free for one day. Even 1 dollar would count and your support would help me to share my new-age app to the whole world.”

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A good host of cool perksare waiting for the donators. These include backer-only updates, Thank You postcard, exclusive Photo Tales sticker where the donator can enter his/her inputs about the app, a cute Photo Tales magnet and so on. Donations reaching $50 & $100 would be rewarded with a trendy Photo Tales t-shirt as well as a special combo of Photo Tales t-shirt & hat respectively.

To show your support for Photo Tales – Create Photo Stories with Your Kids app, visit Kickstarter

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