Pope Should Read Bible or Newspaper Before Saying Islam Not Violent, Says Author

PRESCOTT AZ – 01 Aug, 2016 – Pope Francis says, “It’s not right to identify Islam with violence. It’s not right and it’s not true.” (Assoc Press, 7-31-16)  We wonder if he reads the newspaper, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code.

The Bible offers a defining view in the book of Daniel where Gabriel tells Daniel that his vision of the ram with horns representing the Medes and Persians is “at the time of the end” in the 8th chapter. This means history repeats for those areas and they are now Iraq and Iran, according to Ruhling.

He cites the Bible that the ram was “pushing west” (to Europe and the US) and asks the reader to decide if “pushing” is violent, but for those who read the news, it seems so and the Bible suggests that it will continue till a goat [Global Organization Against Terrorism] flies from the west to stomp the ram and breaks its horns.

Historians say this vision was fulfilled by Alexander the Great’s victory over the Medes and Persians, but it’s end-time application is half fulfilled with Saddam’s “horn” broken, says Ruhling.

The pope said, “I believe that in every religion there is always a little fundamentalist group,” which he considers “sick” (Google).

Ruhling wonders why the pope gives militant Islam a pass but condemns those who take the Bible literally as “sick,”–didn’t Christ say, “Blessed are the peace-makers” in His Sermon on the Mount? (Matthew 5)

We’re replaying history from when the medieval church banned the Bible and burned people at the stake for having a copy, says Ruhling. America was founded by “sick Christians” who fled the papacy and braved death at sea, or starvation in the New World, but God blessed America far above those Catholic countries to the south colonized by priests.

Ruhling says the 17th chapter of Revelation is a description of Church riding the beast of New World Order. The Church is said to be Babylon with a call to come out, in the 18th chapter. He says half a dozen clues make its identity clear. but the pope would probably call this “sick.”

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