Takeo Tama: Company Enhances Product-Base via Extending Website Functionalities

Music Focused Entertainment Enterprise, Takeo Tama, Expands Brand Interactivity via Open-End Communication-Tools and Social-Integrations

WINONA, MN – 01 Aug, 2016 – Global creators and producers of anti autotune music, Takeo Tama, are implementing all new functionalities on their official websites, enhancing all titles available and to be released throughout Q3/Q4 of 2016.

Arriving alongside the launch of their 8-Bit audio-adventure, “Ransom City”, Takeo Tama hopes open-end communication updates are a welcome addition for listeners and enthusiasts of their brand and philosophy.

“We never intended to stay a closed network,” Brand Development Member, Katlina Kliewer, explained, “Broadening the reach of Takeo Tama recordings and merchandise, as well as larger catalogue selections like our Sekrett Scilensce titles, we undoubtedly have a lot to offer the music and entertainment communities. We firmly believe it’s time to get back to the roots and disciplines of all arts. It’s all a part of what drives our passions, like our refusal to utilize items such as autotune in our music sound recordings.”

Popular titles during this period include:

• “Koji Kondo’s Castle” (Sekrett Scilensce)

• As a fresh-release for North-American audiences, “Burgertime” (Katlina Kliewer)

• Extending beyond standard download/streaming availability, “Ransom City” (Takeo Tama) is available as a complete compact-disc retail item.

Complimenting these offerings, both as an effort to raise funds and provide ways for the general-public to get involved with Takeo Tama development, select product-lines shall include a ‘limited’ series of connected merchandise pieces, beginning with T-Shirts.

Visit Takeo Tama and begin interacting now.

About Takeo Tama:

Takeo Tama is a provider of multi-style Music. The core focus is in Electro crossover and Synth driven Orchestra Songs. For Listeners, the experiences can transcend the common bands and musicians available. For Audio-Supervisors, an entirely fresh and captivating level of sound stimulation can be achieved.

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