AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Nasiol Nano Coating Products Have Protected One Million Vehicles Worldwide

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – 01 Aug, 2016 – Artekya Corporation based in Istanbul, Turkey that specializes in Nano Technology announces their line of Automotive Interior, and Exterior Protective Coatings and Detailing Products got used to safeguard and preserve over one million vehicles worldwide.

“We are excited that so many distributors and consumers have chosen our line of Automotive Nano Technology to protect the investment people have made in their cars,” says Selcuk Unal, CEO. “Artekya has spent a significant amount of time developing our Nasiol Product Line to address some of the biggest issues with owning a car – preventing exterior rust spots and protecting the interior from damage caused by spilling beverages or accidentally leaving car windows open during a storm.”

Artekya offers a broad range of Nano-Coatings for Automobile Surface Protection, Marine Surface Protection, Home Surface Protection, and Personal Surface Protection. By applying the recommended product for the application at hand, it makes the surface waterproof.

Selcuk Unal continued, “We understand that a car is a significant investment. Our Nasiol Automotive Surface Protection can do everything from making windshields rain repellent for safer driving to protecting seats and upholstery using our Nano Seat With New Car Smell. Our leading product, Nasiol ZR53 Nano Ceramic Paint Protection is a full system to defend vehicles against dirt, mud, and other damage-causing debris. We’re very upbeat that our products have helped so many customers keep their cars looking and smelling new!”

Artekya is currently seeking new Worldwide Distributors, Wholesale and Retail vendors to sell their line of Protective Nano-Coatings. For more information, on becoming a vendor, please visit their website. To see their Protective Coatings at work, please watch this video.

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