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NEW YORK, NY – 02 Aug, 2016 – Starting High School or returning to a new class is always a stressful time after the long summer vacation.  Girls are not only worried about achieving the grades they need to compete for a college place or a career in an increasingly competitive work environment, they are also struggling to find their role in a complex social structure that is seldom kind to those who stand out from the crowd – for all the wrong reasons.  The early onset of puberty, the embarrassment of changing body shapes and dealing with menstruation at school add to the pressures faced by girls heading back after Summer Break, often resulting in low self-esteem and sometimes even more acute mental health issues. Panty Prop CEO Crystal Etienne has spent the past 5 years working on a solution to empower young women to ‘Live Life Without Limit! Period.’, with her range of period panties, swimwear and active wear, available in a range of fashion forward, feminine designs for invisible comfort and security at any time of the month.

Etienne says, “According to government figures 20 million students will be starting grades 9-12 next semester with more than half of these females between the ages of 13-18.  Recent research shows that the onset of puberty is getting younger and younger in the US due to changing eating habits and exposure to chemicals in the environment, At the turn of the century, the average age for girls to get their period in the US was 16-17. Today, that number has plummeted to less than 12, based on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. To date most concern has centred on the physical issues associated with precocious menstruation but now with the increase in mental health problems amongst young women of High School age, attention has turned to finding means to support and empower girls through this difficult stage’.

“As children develop physically, it changes how they think about themselves and how people relate to them socially,” says Jane Mendle, PhD, a psychologist at Cornell University. For young people who begin puberty earlier than their peers, the transformation appears to be particularly fraught — especially for girls. Early-maturing girls are at increased risk of a range of psychosocial problems including depression, substance use and early sexual behavior, as University of Florida psychologist Julia Graber, PhD, described in a recent review (Hormones and Behavior, 2013).

So what can be done to empower young women and relieve some of this pressure? Etienne believes she has the answer, “Mothers call me up every day to tell me that their daughter has just started their period for the first time the day before they’re due to go to Summer Camp, start back to school or take part in a major event. Dealing with the physical and emotional changes that this brings is hard enough without having to also deal with the embarrassment of uncomfortable panty pads and tampons that might leak, shift or show when taking part in sports, swimming or dance activities. Panty Prop has a range of pretty, feminine and fashionable period panties, swimwear and active wear with a specially designed pocket so that girls can just ‘Prop-in’ a traditional panty pad for guaranteed no-show, no-shift, no-slip ups performance and confidence all day long.  No other product on the market works as well or gets such rave reviews from both parents and their teenage daughters”.

While nothing can completely remove the anxiety and stress of starting a new year in High School, keeping vital lines of communication open between teens and parents during this difficult time is one proven way to ensure that support can be made available when it’s needed. Panty Prop gives mothers and their daughters another tool in their armory to help empower the next generation of leaders, champions and entrepreneurs in their quest to be extraordinary as they stand out from the crowd… for all the right reasons.  Check out the Panty Prop product range for more information at:


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The Panty Prop brand was launched in the USA in November 2015 by CEO and Founder Crystal Etienne. PantyProp is a patented lifestyle lingerie brand that secures a sanitary pad, prevents pad displacement, and conceals the wear of a sanitary napkin from being seen. The core focus for the product is the everyday active female who gets periods monthly and women who experience inconsistent bladder leakage requiring the use of a maxi-pad in an undergarment.  Most recently the company has expanded its range to include a bladder leakage product for men, a range of bikini bottoms for leak-free swimming and workout wear in the form of leotards and leggings.

The panties function using a simple three second “Prop It In and Go!” feature. The two layer dri-tech crotch area is designed to simply pop a sanitary pad inside the hole. The design holds, and properly tucks the pad in place, preventing pad displacement.  The range of feminine and cute styles available online and from selected retailers now includes branded ranges as follows: Propkini, Propster, Proptween, Propswim, Propsuit, Proplegs and Prophim.  The Propkini is a classic style bikini panty and the Propster is a hipster style design. Both are available in a range of attractive colours and pattern. The Proptween range is also designed using the same patented technology but aimed at a style conscious adolescent market. Most popular amongst the range is the Propswim product line which currently features 17 colorful bikini bottom styles (designed to be worn with customers’ own choice of top) and a one-piece bathing suit for more serious surf action. The Propsuit and Proplegs are both aimed at the ‘show’ conscious exercise market where wearing on a traditional wing-pad just won’t work. Finally, the Propman product is designed for those seeking a practical and comfortable solution to bladder leakage issues. It is anticipated that the full line of products will consist of a range of an even more comprehensive array of undergarments including hosiery and leotards for active teens and adults.

Etienne sums up the PantyProp brand, “PantyProp does not claim ‘leak-proof’, and we are not a sanitary paper company. We are a lifestyle lingerie brand which prevents sanitary paper displacement. There are many companies in the last 10 years who are racing to be the next Kimberly and Clark or Proctor and Gamble. We are simply an accessory to this $13-billion-dollar industry”.

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