Technologically Innovative pH Electrodes to Offer Precise pH Measurements, 2016 Market Research Report


pH electrodes are used in analytical chemistry to measure potential of hydrogen ions. pH is the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in a solution. The pH value of a solution is dependent on the ratio of concentrations of the hydrogen ion [H+] and the hydroxyl ion [OH-] in a particular solution. pH electrodes are widely used in process applications and laboratory measurements owing to dependency of many chemical processes on pH. There is a significant difference between pH electrodes and pH probes. pH probes are assemblies that are used to measure pH and consist of an electrode, a temperature sensor, and housing.


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pH electrodes providing higher accuracy & performance, easy-to-use, and fully temperature compensated are preferred. Wide portfolio of pH electrodes is available for harsh pH conditions and having hygienic design, CE compliance, and compatibility with other data loggers. Innovative technologies and products have launched in the industry that offer fast pH, ORP, and conductivity measurements. Furthermore, the accuracy of pH measurements is largely dependent on the technology used in the instruments and harsh conditions it can withstand. pH measurement plays a crucial role in wide range of processes in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries.


The InPro 4260 electrode provides precise pH measurement with the help of in-built XEROLYT EXTRA reference polymer. It also has longer lifetime and operates efficiently under the most intricate industrial environments. It is durable, maintenance-free, and unbreakable under extreme conditions. This pH electrode enables measurements in samples and solutions such as aqueous solutions in the laboratory and tough emulsions, including wastewater and outdoors.


Portable pH meter is used in laboratory and industrial applications, such as cheese-making, breweries, slaughter-houses, and other kinds of field uses. It is resistant to chemicals and heavy duty instrument with a smooth foil keypad that can be easily cleaned. The W100 pH electrode is the cableless solution for Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) sensors for the measurement of pH. With the help of W100, measured values are transmitted to ISM sensors and transmitters M300 ISM or M400 without the need of cable installation. This cableless solution proves to be vital for cutting the cost of ownership without compromising sensor performance.


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There are different types of pH electrodes that can be used as per the requirement. Low maintenance and non-refillable pH electrodes are manufactured for simple use and easy maintenance. Flat surface ph electrodes are used for measurement of moist surfaces, such as meats, Agar gel plates, and cheese. pH refillable epoxy electrodes are manufactured for rugged field applications, whereas, pH refillable glass electrodes are used to withstand high-temperature conditions.


Analysts studying the industry have revealed precise statistics and comprehensive information on changing market dynamics. Prof Research Reports has added a report, titled, “2016 pH Electrode Industry Report—Global and Chinese Market Scenario.” The report provides an extensive study of current market trends, manufacturing technology, market share, leading manufacturers, and standards & regulations analysis.


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