Performance Nutrition Company Unveils Shocking “Super Human” Muscle Enhancing Supplement

PA(7) is the latest breakthrough in gaining access to previously untapped potential for lean muscular development. A leader in fitness supplementation, HPN is carving a new path in the journey towards optimized health – now with a natural lean muscle growth supplement! Exclusive access to the purest nutrients and latest discoveries in the health science field sets HPN above the rest with support from the National Sanitation Foundation and The Banned Substances Control Group.

Behind closed doors at one of the most respected bodybuilding competitions in the world, a group of elite bodybuilders met to discuss the latest breakthrough in fitness supplementation. Due to its potential to unlock significant muscle enhancement, this supplement was at first only trusted with professional performance trainers with extensive knowledge about supplementation. It proved to be so popular that other supplement manufacturers without access to the formula, wanted it banned. It wasn’t until now that its shocking effects were fully understood. After much demand from top performing professional athletes and nutrition experts alike, this supplement is finally being made available to the public.

Researchers at the University of Tampa were shocked to discover that unlocking the next level of human fitness is now a real possibility. Dr. Jacob Wilson and his team led the study that tapped into this groundbreaking discovery. Human test subjects who were given the supplement were studied extensively and what the numbers showed was something no one expected. Those who took the supplement noticed an incredible 55% increase in bench press strength*. At first it was believed that the research was mistaken, but after much scrutiny scientists knew they had stumbled onto a revolutionary muscle enhancement supplement. The secret weapon turned out to be a natural component hidden deep within the human body that could only be unlocked to its maximum potential with this discovery.

Results from the study were verified and published by the Journal of International Society of Sports and Nutrition, hinting that this will have major implications, not only in sports nutrition, but also in the fields of healthy aging and muscular health. So what is this new game changing supplement?

High Performance Nutrition is finally releasing PA(7) which was first made exclusively available only to the most experienced and successful performance trainers. Made using patented phosphatidic acid (PA), the same formula used in these studies, PA(7) produces the same amazing results that can be felt and seen. The few elite who were chosen to preview PA(7) praised its benefits, but have been excitedly awaiting its official release to the public. This patented formula works by signaling the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) in the body. mTOR is an essential pathway that is critical in promoting the growth of skeletal muscle resulting in considerably noticeable effects such as strength gain, muscle retention, and skeletal health. PA is essential in signaling mTOR and it was discovered that PA supplementation was enough to promote expedited muscular growth.

In a study conducted by the University of Tampa, subjects who were given PA were able to produce a 200% increase in lean muscle mass* compared to a control group. Subjects also lost 260% more fat mass than a control group*. The limits on strength gain have now been lifted. This latest advancement in supplementation may take human health in a whole new direction. Its groundbreaking benefits are now being made available with PA(7). What sets PA(7) apart from other supplements is its unique focus on the root of protein synthesis. mTOR signaling becomes optimized with PA(7) supplementation. This is the hottest emerging science story today and it is all supported by hard facts and research. Finally taking major steps in protecting and promoting skeletal health is possible and PA(7) is the solution.

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