Leading business coach Jane Moughon’s new book 35 Silent Business Killers is a Wake-Up Call for Business Survival

Top business coach Jane Moughon has launched her new book “35 Silent Business Killers” which offers an exclusive insight on how to detect the lurking problems that can harm the survival of a business.

Houston, TX – Aug 2, 2016 – Bloomberg survey shows 8 in 10 new entrepreneurs fail within just 2 years of launching their businesses. Just 71 companies on the Fortune 500 1955 list have been able to survive today! Starting a new enterprise is tough, yet the hardest part is making the new enterprise survive. However, aspiring entrepreneurs need not worry any more – leading business coach Jane Moughon has recently launched her new book “35 Silent Business Killers: How to Stop Them Before They Kill Your Business” which offers exclusive insights into the hidden problems which can turn a potential business into a casualty. The book has been launched on Amazon and is available in Kindle, hardcover & paperback editions.

“It’s always great to come up with a new venture, but then it’s unfortunate to see how a massive 80 percent of them simply crash and burn. Making a business thrive is a big deal and even applies to legendary names like Kodak, Circuit City, Blockbuster, Enron, Arthur Andersen and Hummer – which were not able to stand the test of time. Reasons for failure are lurking in management, policies, processes, etc., and my book is all about the different issues that silently creep into an otherwise healthy business, gradually destroying it forever”, stated Moughon while speaking about the launch of her new book.

A certified business coach, speaker and author, Moughon is backed by 3 decades of experience providing consultation for local businesses. Her illustrious career as a business coach has helped her develop a comprehensive overview of the typical challenges that can threaten the very survival of a business. Her new book is a wake-up call regarding those hidden problems – enabling entrepreneurs to prevent their businesses from becoming a casualty.

According to the veteran business coach, companies fail due to a myriad of reasons. The most critical include:

• Poor management

• Lack of a goal and mission and ineffective internal communication

• Unethical practices

• Inability to adapt to changing markets and technology demands

• Improper market research and ineffective advertising

• Not recognizing the worth of employees and subjecting them to inadequate compensation

• Inadequate financing

“The secret sauce of success and survival primarily lies in creating a robust corporate culture. In addition to defining the ‘ideal employee blueprint’, one has to focus on a culture of innovation and the capacity to market game-changing solutions before his contenders do.”

Jane Moughon’s book
is geared to help business owners in several important ways:

• Serve as the needed wake-up call for the future of a business

• Enable business owners to track the silent business killers and take preventive measures

• Change the company culture for the better

• Show ways to improve employee engagement so employees are encouraged to actively participate in enhancing sales, profit and revenue

• Guide entrepreneurs to develop methods to make the company more profitable by minimizing turnover and hidden turnover costs.

The book
is becoming more popular every day in the world of entrepreneurs and businesses with many happy readers. “Jane has offered exclusive insights and solutions that are sought by every entrepreneur out there to manage his/her business effectively. It serves as a much-needed guide that sheds light on the particular areas of the business which have to be tweaked to enhance profit. Her prolonged experience of advising business owners has armed her with unique insights not usually held by many”, stated William (Bill) Sherrill, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship Bauer College, University of Houston.

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