Airwheel E6 smart electric folding bike becomes riders’ pursuing fashion and innovation intelligent equipment

Pursuers who are obsessed with network games must know the viral phenomenon of the appearance of Pokemon Go; geeks who are crazy about intelligent electric bikes also are aware of the latest electric bike, Airwheel E6, a kind of striking equipment.

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Last week, Nitendo and The Pokemon Company jointly launched Pokemon Go, a game for iPhones and Android smartphones featuring the classic video game franchise where players catch and train special creatures called Pokemon. The most attractive place of this game may be the augmented reality. Back to our electric bike, if you’re curious why it seems everyone is talking about Pokemon in recent days, let’s catch up.

Airwheel E6 e-bike is a brand new series. The letter “E” may means the “electric” and “easy to be carried”. With its stunning outlook and excellent performance, E6 enjoys tremendous popularity. Looking back at how riders are consumed with E6 e-bikes these days, here are three things we learned. What makes E6 best electric bike special is its distinguished X-shape main structure. Only one key can finish the folding process through the small part located in the crossed position. Lightweight aluminum alloy consisting of the whole bike so the dead weight of E6 is only 14.15kg. Along with the small size of 950mm×456mm×160mm after folding, E6 electronic bike can be carried to go upstairs or downstairs.

Afterwards, the application of C-AT vehicle control system and EBS braking system in E6 e-bike is a highlight. The black technology C-AT vehicle control system is the result of hundreds of times’ of experiments made by Airwheel. Finally it finds the balancing point between operability and steadiness. Every time vector controller is started, the braking will output more optimal power solution.

With regards to the seat of this e bike, Airwheel has its special consideration. It chooses the rubber as the material of the cushion, rather than the traditional sponge. Besides, it summarizes a new design solution, that is, the separated seat with left and right seats. In this case, riders can have a more comfortable riding experience.

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Undoubtedly, Airwheel E6 e-bike will be your beloved intelligent equipment, especially in the era of everyone pursuing fashion and innovation. 

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