New Startup ‘My Engaging Questions’ Unveils A Surprisingly Simple Technique To Create Personal & Professional Growth

A new startup called promises a method to become happier, healthier, more self-aware, and more successful in only 120 seconds per day.

Calgary, AB – August 3rd, 2016 – At precisely 8:00pm on Friday evening, founder Shawn Veltman receives a phone call.  “Did you do your best today to be happy?”, he is asked. He uses his touchpad to give himself a score. “Did you do your best to be a good husband?” The questions rattle off, and he hangs up in under two minutes.

It is an odd call, to be certain, but one he engages in every evening, reflecting on where he put his effort during the day.

It’s a practice that has been popularized by pre-eminent international business coach Marshall Goldsmith and author of the recent NYT Bestselling book, Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts–Becoming the Person You Want to Be, who explains that there is a world of difference between measuring our activity and measuring our effort, and that focusing solely on our efforts puts the onus of responsibility squarely on us.

After all, if we ask “Was I happy today”, it’s easy to blame the outside world for conspiring against us. Asking “Did I do my best to be happy”, makes us sometimes uncomfortably aware of how much or little we actually tried.

By tracking your scores, you can quickly see the areas that are actually important to you, and which ones aren’t receiving any of your day to day attention.  From there, it’s up to you–either admit that it’s not really a priority, or change what you do during the day to reflect its importance

“Dr. Goldsmith notes in his book that he pays somebody to call him every night, which is a fantastic way to impose external structure. Most people who learn about the exercise think ‘I can do this with a notebook or an excel sheet’, but it’s always so much easier to ignore or forget those than it is to ignore your ringing phone. I tried and failed to answer the questions daily myself, and it wasn’t until I was getting a call every day that I could consistently keep up with the practice,” notes Veltman.

This was the insight behind the creation of The startup offers a simple service: Every day, at the time the users chooses, the service calls and asks them the questions that are most important to them and the areas they want to work on. Users can choose from a list of pre-recorded questions, or record their own directly on the website.

Noah Fleming, author of the Amazon #1 bestseller in Sales & Marketing, Evergreen, learned of Dr. Goldsmith’s daily questions and has been applying the daily practice for months with positive results. Mr. Fleming said, “I’ve been dedicated to answering the questions, and I’m loving how simple makes it to reflect every day. I find myself actively making better decisions during the day, because I know I’m going to be asking myself “Did I do my best…” in the evening.”

I Am Not Your Guru is the title of the incredibly popular Anthony Robbins documentary that’s causing such a surge of interest in self-help and personal growth, and it’s a title that fully supports. With the question of asking yourself engaging questions every day, you can be your own guru, and create personal development in the areas that are uniquely important to you.

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