Angel Baby Appoints New Manufacturing Partner for their Adult Pillow Gel Mat.

“Angel Baby Adult Pillow Gel Mat.”
Angel Baby has recently teamed up with yet another manufacturing partner. This new partner will them expand manufacturing capacity of their popular product Adult Pillow Gel Mat.

Angel Baby is pleased to announce that the company has just engaged a new manufacturing partner for their acclaimed Amazon product gel mat cooling pillow for adults. It may be recalled that the company has recently expressed their willingness to increase the production capacity of this product to manage its rapidly growing demand. With a new manufacturing partner, the company is now looking to deliver their popular product to many more potential buyers. Many satisfied users of these pillow mats claim that this product provides relief from fever, migraine, neck pain, and hot flashes.

The cold pillow from Angel Baby has been is designed to be soft on the skin and provide a good night’s rest to the users. Made of an ultra-comfortable cotton-blend, the mats are capable of contouring to the pillow and the body of the user. Depending on user convenience, the mats can be put either on the top of the pillow or inside the pillowcase. There are many similar products on the market that use water as the cooling material, and prone to frequent leakage. Angel Baby has solved this problem by using a safe cooling gel that doesn’t leak.

A recent user of the product recommends it saying, “Used it for the first time last night and I love it! It comes with a nice case and will roll or fold up, didn’t notice any smell. I put it in the freezer when it arrived and before bed it was perfect to ice my knees. It wraps nicely around my leg, or can be folded over and laid on top. Then I had a HOT FLASH in the middle of the night and the Frosty Pillow was a life saver. I started just holding it on my face and head, once I cooled off I laid my pillow on it long enough to chill it and I was able to go back to sleep. I did not actually sleep on the frozen pillow, that would have been too cold, but it was nice to leave at the top of the bed for my hands if I got hot again.”

Highlighting the need for a new manufacturing partner, a senior official from Angel Baby stated, “This step was necessary to handle the product’s steadily growing demand as all our existing manufacturing partners already have their hands full.”

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