ChalkTastic Announces Annual Business Plan for Acrylic Paint Set

ChalkTastic has just announced a comprehensive annual business plan for their distinguished product Acrylic Paint Set. This business plan comprises of a series of recommendations to improve the performance of the product over the next one year.

4th Aug, 2016 – ChalkTastic continues to take stringent measures to make a greater impact on The company has just released the annual business plan for their Acrylic Paint Set. Sources reveal that this business plan has been created based on the recently released business report for the product, and makes several recommendations to ensure an improved performance of the product in the near future. It is relevant to mention here that this product has already received over seven hundred customer testimonials from satisfied users. This high-quality product is selling successfully at Amazon for just $11.97.

A seasoned manufacturer of chalk-based products, ChalkTastic has created their acrylic paint set following a high manufacturing standard. The product is completely non-toxic, and doesn’t have the nauseating chemical odor that is common in many sub-standard products.  The product from ChalkTastic offers a superior covering strength, and doesn’t require multiple layers of the paint for adequate color saturation. Each set of the product contains twelve tubes of different colors selected carefully. These paints have been used with great effect on several types of surfaces such as glass, clay, canvas, paper, fabric, wood, ceramics, and many more. The Amazon reviews suggest that these acrylic paints are suitable for both established artists and the beginners.

A delighted user writes in his Amazon review, “Great set of paints, vibrant colors. My wife used most of them already. She painted up a storm. This would have cost a lot more than the price here at the local art supply store. My wife was able to paint with these without any issues. They mix well. You can combine them and get the colors that you want. If you are looking to paint something this set will give you all you need to get almost any painting done.”

Discussing the product’s new business plan, a senior ChalkTastic official stated, “This business plan is intended to help the product perform even better by fine tuning the activities of different departments. The implementation phase of this plan will start very soon, and bring about a lot of changes.”

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