2016 Graphite Electrode Industry Report – Global and Chinese Market Scenario


ProfResearch has recently added a report titled “2016 Graphite Electrode Industry Report—Global and Chinese Market Scenario” that provides an in-depth study on the graphite electrode industry in the Chinese market over the period 2011–2021. It provides an introduction, lists the developments, and establishes the status of the graphite electrode industry in the global and Chinese market. The report also provides a detailed company analysis of the list of Global Key Manufacturers engaged in this industry from 2011–2016. Key statistics on market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and development of graphite electrode manufacturing technology are included in the report to guide the companies and individuals interested.

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Electric arc furnaces (EAF) are the main places where graphite electrode is used. It is also utilized in corundum, and production of steel, yellow phosphorous, silicon metal, and others. Graphite electrode is made from the domestic first petroleum coke and high quality needle coke. It is highly preferred owing to its low electric resistivity, good electric and thermal conductivity, and high oxidation resistance, greater resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, high mechanical strength and machining accuracy. China is one of the leading producers of graphite electrode that caters to the rising demands of the market in the Asia-Pacific region.

The major market Chinese players and international manufacturers in the graphite electrodes industry are Beijing Great Wall Co. Ltd, Fangda Carbon New Material Co. Ltd, Nippon Carbon Ltd, CIMM Group, Graftech International Ltd, Ameri-Source Specialty Products, and many others. The global graphite electrode market is highly competitive with the presence of several global and Chinese vendors. Steel manufacturers who employ the use of EAF are the biggest consumers. Due to intense competition in the market, this has resulted in reduced prices and anti-dumping duty act in WTO member countries. Moreover, the demand for graphite electrodes has increased constantly over the few years, resulting in the increased usage of EAF for steel scrap and metal melting processes. The market vendors also face a serious threat from Chinese graphite electrode producers that export products at comparatively lower rates. The graphite electrode consumption in APAC is expected to increase to around 846,000 metric tons by 2020.

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The report depicts global and Chinese total market for capacity, production, and production value. It also covers aspects related to cost-profit, supply-demand, and Chinese import/export in graphite electrode industry. It gives an insight into the market development and growth rate by highlighting the trends for the steel manufacturers, who are the biggest users. The major global manufacturers are listed and the company profile, product information, and product developments for 2011–2016 are analyzed in detail. Furthermore, the report estimated the market development trends for the period 2016–2021. The report gives an overall in-depth information regarding various parameters and market dynamics in the Graphite Electrode Industry for all the interested stakeholders.

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