Labs4All Targets 30 Complete Math Science Labs!!


Labs4All, an organization aiming to provide better education to students, especially to the youth is targeting 30 complete math science labs that can be used by different schools all over the world. They wish to acquire $300,000 in order for their project to be a complete success. It has been said that about 50% of the public schools lack effective labs, 95% of schools in India lacks decent science labs while in Africa, about 95% lacks functional labs or doesn’t even have a lab at all. This only goes to show that the need for labs is truly high, which is why the organization has been working in this specific project.

There are various factors that contribute to many schools failing to provide their students with a laboratory. Such factors includes it’s cost for purchasing equipment and tools can be quote costly and the lack of resources to do so. With that, they aim to provide educational labs that everyone can use, regardless of where they are in the world. Through that, they believe that the gaps in school labs would be lessened. Hence, their project has been considered as a great solution towards solving the problem when it comes to the need of school labs.

With just $10000, one would be able to acquire a single virtual physics, math or chemistry lab. This single lab is capable of helping millions of students from the different parts of the world. Surely, the level of education that they would be receiving would be higher than before. In addition to that, the lab can also be named after the one who have made it possible to create it or even after the name they prefer. The organization believes that learning and acquiring knowledge should not have any limits and they believe that the project that they are currently working on would support such cause.

On the other hand, one can also give $5 to the organizations and in return, they would be receiving a thank you message from the Labs4All team including a thank you message from Alaaldin Eljub of Jordan himself. They also offer an Honor T-shirt, which can be purchased in just $100. This t-shirt includes a letter of thanks on behalf of the students who are thankful for the help rendered to them as well as for the virtual lab that has been given to them. It would also have logo of printed on it. They are also giving people the chance to purchase their Silver Honor Medal for $100 while their Gold Honor Medal for $500, which also symbolizes that one has contributed to the success of the said project. Just like the t-shirt, this medal also contains the symbol of the organization plus the message of thanks towards them.

The virtual labs that they are targeting to provide with the funds that they have acquired would surely be helpful not only for students but for their teachers as well. This is because it would allow them to teach math or science in a more understandable manner. It is also a means for the students to perform experiments without any risk in their safety. Through it, theories would also be explained well, reducing the chances that the students would have misconceptions about it.

Conducting experiments through virtual labs not only can help students and schools save time for they can also same money as well. Through the Labs4All, they need not spend their money buying tools and equipment. The students also need not work with dangerous elements and they are also given an access to equipment that they wouldn’t have an access to. Virtual labs are not anymore new. In fact, some schools have already been utilizing them and some even combines it’s use with the traditional laboratory. 

Alaaldin Eljub has always been dreaming of students receiving better education, especially in countries that have limited income or whose economy is not doing that great. He considers it as a mission to provide virtual labs that are highly accessible all over the world. He is encouraging everyone to work with him and with Labs4All so that the number of schools and students who does not have a laboratory that they can use would be reduced.

Infrastructure and technology are just some of the things that the organization faces. That’s why to solve the problem, they are encouraging everyone to be one with them. They are accepting donations of any amount and there is only 2 months left apart from making a payment on the products that they are offering. They are also accepting any kind of help to make the project more successful.

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