Christopher’s Bakery Specializing in Vanilla Wafer Cakes Developed and Launched to Support Epilepsy and Neuroscience Research

Gone but not forgotten, Christopher’s Bakery was developed and launched by Courtenay Harris to pay tribute to his younger brother, Christopher, who died due to seizure. Christopher’s Bakery is far more than a simple online bakery as it aims to support the neuroscience and epilepsy research at the Miami Children’s Foundation.

Christopher’s bakery was named after the late Christopher, a little wonderful boy who radiated positivity and happiness in the Harris family living in Miami Florida despite of his situation. This little angel suffered from an in-born health condition known as hydrocephalus, which immediately led to epilepsy. Christopher spent nearly all his childhood in-and-out of consciousness, constantly collapsing and shaking. Nevertheless, none of those conditions took his smile, laughter, and happiness away.

The little boy was a courageous one – fighting and has won so many battles. Unfortunately, he gone too tired and gave up when he experienced seizure days before he supposedly celebrated his 11th birthday. This has left a painful mark to his family, especially to his older brother Courtenay Harris.

The death of the wonderful little boy has been taken by Courtenay as the drive to pursue his previous desire to find cure for epilepsy. That desire was almost forgotten as Courtney has been drown on educating disabled children, which was his initial plan to give back the love that people around Christopher have given to the child and to the family.

“I still wanted to find that cure for epilepsy and after giving it a lot of thought, I realized that no one could do it for me. I had to do it myself. I decided to stop teaching and dedicate myself to remembering Christopher and using something that Christopher loved to bring help and relief to others struggling like he so often did,” said Courtney.

Vanilla Wafer Cakes has been the favorite of the siblings. Courtenay thus decided to pursue this business. Christopher’s Bakery is still working to generate more funds to build an industrial kitchen since the business is strictly online. Subsequently, a percentage of the money from all the sold cakes will be donated to an organization doing epilepsy and neuroscience research.

Christopher’s Bakery is not a pure business as it aims to eliminate the suffering for individuals and families afflicted by the debilitating and life-threatening disease, epilepsy.

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