Southern California HVAC Company Prepares For Mid-Season Rush

El Cajon, CA – While Southern California residents may still be feeling the blistering heat of summer, many local HVAC companies are preparing for their mid-season business. Between summer and winter is when many homeowners consider servicing their HVAC units, ensuring that they are in peak working condition before they need to be kicked into high gear. Aairco Air Conditioning and Heating is a local favorite for their friendly and affordable repair services. Like many San Diego companies, Aairco is currently preparing for the fall season, urging customers to schedule their HVAC maintenance or inspection early.

With more than 20 years in the business, it isn’t hard to see why Aairco Air Conditioning and Heating is such a favorite among San Diego residents. The company provides top quality repairs and installations for both heating and air conditioning systems, and is known for their friendly and inclusive treatment of their customers. Starting with their free estimates on new installations and same day service calls, Aairco works closely with their customers to ensure they are getting an affordable and transparent service with no hidden costs. The family owned company puts their customers first, providing a growing list of services to San Diego, including air conditioner and furnace installation and repair, maintenance to existing systems, and design and installation of heating and AC systems for newly constructed and older homes.

Using a variety of state of the art inspection tools, experienced Aairco technicians are able to quickly determine the problem and come up with an effective solution based on the needs of the customer. The company helps local residents keep their HVAC systems running properly through regularly scheduled maintenance checks. Routine maintenance will not only improve the longevity of heating and cooling units, but can save homeowners money, as an HVAC system that is not running properly, or is outdated, can use more energy than a newer model at peak performance. Homeowners often crank up the heat or AC in their homes when they don’t feel that they are getting an effective response, and this can be the first sign that an HVAC unit is in need of maintenance or a repair.

“The smart thing to do is to have your HVAC system checked and maintained twice a year, between winter and summer,” explains Mark Blaha, a spokesman for the company. “A lot of people don’t think that this is necessary, but it can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. You don’t want to go into winter with an HVAC system that is barely pushing out enough heat to keep you warm, and you don’t want to need to replace your current unit in the middle of winter either. Routine maintenance performed by an expert HVAC contractor can easily detect and solve problems like these, so you aren’t left with an uncomfortable home later on.

Aairco Air Conditioning and Heating is a leading provider of HVAC repairs and replacements in the San Diego area. A family owned company for more than 20 years, Aairco is known for their commitment to detail and their determination to exceed the expectations of their customers. From their free estimate on installations and repairs, to their ability to design and install HVAC units that fit the needs of their customers, Aairco has earned their place as one of the favorite HVAC contractors in the San Diego area.

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