CYCJET Industrial Inkjet Printer apply in Sausage printing

Recently, a customer who is special in sausage production, feel that it was time to make its production process more efficient. One of the procedures the company decided to focus on was the way it marked its products. Since its product were food, the exp and mfg date on the sausage will be different day by day. Up to that time, the company had been using various industrial labels with all detail information of its products.

However, the date and batch need to change day by day, which is fixed in the label. Unfortunately, frequent message changeovers and product changes proved the two-pronged coding approach to be extremely time-consuming and tedious. So a quicker, and more efficient method of coding is necessary for them.

Now, they use an industrial portable inkjet printer ALT200 from CYCJET to replace the original label, as well as print date and batch even a barcode directly on the sausage package.  An extremely versatile machine that allows replacing the label with industrial inkjet coding.  One of the primary benefits of the system lies in the ink. The ink used in the CYCJET portable inkjet printer has high viscosity which makes it possible to print logo, barcode clearly and readably on plastic package directly.

And the ink is quick-drying even on plastic package, as well as permanent, which is the customer most concern. The CYCJET industrial printer also drastically reduced the time that it took to change a message. Because CYCJET software is now able to save pre-set messages in the printer, thanks to its message storage feature, message changes are now as simple as the touch of a few buttons.

Using on-line systems such as ink jet printers has proven to be a very efficient method since, as with the sausage, the message being printed on the sausage is variable. Also, the Series I printers have enabled the company to print fonts ranging from 1—18mm tall on the same line to make the message aesthetically appealing.

Mr. Serge says he is very satisfied with the new on-line printing capabilities at the plant, saying the new systems are “much less labor-intensive” compared to the previous set-up. In addition to the helping increase productivity, Culinary Arts was decidedly pleased to have a single-source solution for both its small and large character coding needs.

About Shanghai Yuchang Industrial CO., LTD-CYCJET Brand

Shanghai Yu Chang Industrial CO., LTD., the manufacturer who was specialized in handheld inkjet printer  and the portable marking solutions, through 10 years of professional development,  has produced ALT360 hand jet printer, ALT382 large character handheld code printer, ALT200 portable Industrial inkjet printer, and LF series portable laser marking machine.

Relying on the Yu Chang company perfect sales and after-sales service system, CYCJET brand series portable printing equipment have been best-sold to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

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