A Budding Video Producer Goes Viral With Latest Hit

One production studio, Simboya Entertainment Group, has broken the charts with their latest video for Momma Dee, reaching 7.5 million views in just three days.

Simboya Entertainment Group has just released its latest work, the music video for “In That Order”, by Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Momma Dee. The feedback has been astounding and the music video itself has gone viral, receiving massive media attention as well as 7.5 million views. In response to this success many producers want to learn more about Simboya’s services and what features have brought them this far.

At Simboya every client deserves a level of dedication and respect. It is for this reason that Simboya meets or beats deadlines and budgets every time. As a result clients feel able to develop a trusting relationship with Simboya, leading to high quality work as communication grows. After working with Simboya for just a short time anyone can realize their expertise and feel safe leaving the details and headaches for the Simboya staff to expertly handle. The result is a flowing and polished video built with marketing power, artistic expression, and stunning visuals.

Another feature The Simboya Entertainment Group prides itself on is their sheer efficiency. They understand the burden that some recording studios put on artists and do everything possible to make their services cost effective. To achieve their low costs they designed every piece of equipment for a rapid workflow. This speed combined with a well-trained staff is how Simboya is able to deliver ahead of schedule for many clients. As an added benefit, the saved man hours serve to lower the overall price of producing, benefitting the client. And helping the client is Simboya’s ultimate goal.

To further this goal Simboya Entertainment Group provides every service needed in the production of a film & video. They start with pre-production planning, move on to physical filming, and edit post-production. This practice saves clients from the grueling hassle of moving from studio to studio for editing, design, lighting, etc. The final product is a customized and masterful film or video tailored to each client with Simboya’s inherently appealing style, perfect for drawing an audience.

About Simboya Entertainment Group

Mboya Peters and Simuel Rankins started Simboya Entertainment Group, Inc. with both entities having a strong passion for film. Over the years, they have been strong force in creating an accepting attitude towards independent cinema in the South and specialize in delivering an all-services-included entertainment package. As a result Simboya Entertainment quickly became one of the number one movie studios in the South. The studio has produced many headlining titles including “Chop Shop”, “Jack Squad”, “Angry Kelly”, which can be found at most retail locations worldwide, and their latest hit web series “Lunch Tales”.

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To view Momma Dee’s video visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbE6kV-t9TM

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