3D bio-printing technology to modify human face

There is a newly established enterprise called Rosalya, with American team and Chinese team. While 3D printing on heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and the other human organs is popular in global top biological research, they make use of this technology to transform the beauty, which accurately means they use this technology to improve human skin to make them look younger.

Rosalya has a cutting-edge project called 3D Puff, which based on 3D bioprinting of kidney organs,is extremely important for bio-ink research, the “ink” is mainly a cell culture assay. Rosalya uses this induced pluripotent stem cells iPS technology to improve the collagen of human body, so that can improve the human skin to become natural beauty.

3D Puff project will probably subvert the current popular face-lifting technology, and it has become commercialize gradually. It works as to absorb the main skin nutrients through the most natural way without operation and injection to human skin.

According to the introduction of a young scientist in 3D puff team, this innovation, will affect billions of women who pursuit beauty. “Why not apply this technology to medical treatment instead of face-lifting line?” “Don’t misunderstand that scientists are bored, we also can be super cool. There are so many teams working and contributing to medical health, we respect and support them, but there also should be someone responsible for human beauty,” said by a young scientist in 3D puff team. As reported that currently the initial products will be on trial in America, Euro, and China etc.

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