Author Suman Sarkar of Three S Consulting announces the launch of his book ‘SMART OUTSOURCING: STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVE FACILITIES OUTSOURCING.’

Have you wondered if outsourcing delivered cost reduction and service improvements?  Cost reduction, which is perceived to be the primary benefit from outsourcing, has not been realized.  Our team recently interviewed 40 large companies across different industries that have outsourced facilities management.  They found that 80% of the firms continue to emphasize the need for cost reduction.

Many of the fundamental assumptions behind the outsourcing deals were wrong.  The increase in scale did not reduce cost and processes that worked for one company did not work for others.

This book provides information about evolving nature of the Facilities Outsourcing industry and how companies can make smart choices.  To reduce cost and improve service, it may make sense to bring some of the work back in-house, use technology to manage suppliers instead of using an outside provider for oversight, and create value by collaborating with other companies, where possible.

The book has received good reviews so far.  One reviewer on Amazon mentioned “Precise, clear and concise writing with practical insight, examples and case studies.  Shows clarity of thoughts and author’s expertise and authority in the area of outsourcing.  It’s a must read for anyone in the area of sourcing, services and facilities management.”

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About Author:

Suman is a partner with Three S Consulting, a management consulting firm.  He is writing about supply chain and sourcing because these are his passions. Technology is disrupting industries and existing business models are losing relevance.  CEOs continue to ignore two potent tools in their arsenal – supply chain and sourcing.  With more than 20 years of international consulting experience, Suman has a proven track record delivering an innovative and strategic approach to the supply chain and sourcing practice with outstanding results.  The author explains the power of creativity that will be unleashed if businesses can harness the talent they already have in-house.

About Three S Consulting:

Three S Consulting drives excellence in supply chain and sourcing.  

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