Blind Veteran Creates Low-Cost Solution to Improve School Security

NAPERVILLE – 5 Aug, 2016 – Stephanie Anne Timmer PhD is a blind Marine Corps veteran with extensive experience in communication technology. She has created a low-cost security technology for schools and organizations. The new system allows schools to tap into one of the most powerful security tools available, and that tool is the students. Cameras and security can’t be everywhere students go, and cameras often can’t hear what is being said, but students can. Anonymous Texting is simple to set up, easy to use, and it is highly effective as a reporting tool and as a crime deterrent. Students are texting all the time; so they can feel secure that no one will know if they are reporting something, while would-be troublemakers will be deterred because they will never know who’s reporting anonymously at any given time.  

Students are the best security asset a school has. If something happens on the school premises or even off the school grounds, chances are that a student has seen or heard what  happened. We currently live in a world where we have to be constantly vigilant, and Anonymous Texting was built with the see–something, say-something concept in mind. Anonymous Texting gives students an easy and safe way to report problems. 

There is a fear factor for students who are in a position to report problems. Reporting things anonymously helps protect them. A student can discreetly send a text, and once they do, they can delete the conversation; whereas a voice can be overheard or recognized, and an email can be traced back to the sender.  Anonymous Texting is 100 percent anonymous and is designed to protect both the sender’s and the receiver’s identity. Anonymous Texting is unique in the fact that it is bi-directional. If a person sends in a tip, but the tip monitors need more information, they can send a text message back to the sender and request more information while both parties remain anonymous.

“We live in a see-something, say-something world.”  says Dr. Stephanie Timmer. “I don’t see that ever changing.  I think school personnel would be surprised when they find out what is really happening in their buildings; they may have suspicions of what is going on, but now they have a tool that will let them have greater visibility in schools than they have ever had before.” The goal is to allow students to get involved without the risk of getting involved. Texting is the easiest way to let students reach out, especially if they can do it anonymously.

Anonymous Texting is only $149.95 a year. So for about $13.00 a month, schools can add hundreds of eyes and ears to their security systems. Anonymous Texting can be set up in just a few minutes and is compatible with all current security systems. There is no software or app to install and students don’t have to sign up for anything.    Anonymous Texting allows you to be informed as events are happening, or even before they happen.

Anonymous Texting is an Apollo Communications Product. Apollo Communications is located in Naperville, IL. Apollo has extensive experience developing communication technologies including SMS, Text To Speech, VOIP, Email, SMMT, and cloud services.

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