Indiegogo launches New Campaign Project by Yuni Design LLC about YuniDetect: Collision Detection and Avoidance System

Aug 05, 2016 – Worcester, United States – Yuni Design LLC has the mission of developing, designing, manufacturing, and marketing add-on systems that are functional for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs. The main focus of the company is to improve the lives of people through high quality products with functionality, safety and performance.

The company is highly motivated to produce compelling products to give efficient service and solutions to users at affordable costs.  CEO Phuoc Phan is passionate on leading and creating innovative technologies and designs that have long-term benefits for the society. He motivates his company to push its limits to create and enhance innovations to take advantage of the true potential of technology.

The campaign project to be funded is YuniDetect: Collision Detection and Avoidance System is a portable external wheelchair add-on from Yuni Design LLC. This campaign project is an assistive product that’s small in size but can be used on multiple wheelchairs or any electrical devices for transportation, allowing users to transfer it to other wheelchairs or devices for lower costs. Users can truly experience the ability of this system because it has selection of operational modes that suit every user’s needs.

The system has sensors mounted, which provide a perimeter zone of 360 degrees protection around the wheelchair. It is designed to reduce collisions while users are operating wheelchairs. It stops the users and the wheelchair from colliding to objects or walls. Its system has 5 operational modes.

The Override Mode disables sensor conditions for normal wheelchair operation. Next two modes are for Long and Short distances to ensure users ate safe from collisions if they will stop from far distances. The remaining two modes are the Auto-Assist. If it is disabled, the system stops the wheelchair at long or short mode and if it’s enabled, it stops the wheelchair but pulses it to the tripped sensors’ opposite direction.

Yuni Design created YuniDetect to give independence to users on driving powered wheelchairs with reduced crashes and collisions with objects. The system warns, stops and automatically turns the user away from objects.

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