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NEW YORK, NY – 05 Aug, 2016 – This week on BONBON Networks, we kick off the sizzling new summer programming with top experts, actors and business owners. The first episode with the new show style aired this Monday at 8 PM on MNN’s LifeStyle Channel. This show starred Paula Flint, the Author of Life Coach.

Paula Flint is a Life Coach who helps men and women who are facing difficult challenges in their lives—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A grandmother now, Paula opened her office in 2011 to help people understand and accept that life sometimes offers them challenges that initially feel insurmountable. She teaches that patience and a little help from someone who has been there and is not afraid to share her own experiences allow her clients not only to overcome the challenges but to triumph.
Prior to opening her office at the Heal Your Life Center in Bridgeport, West Virginia, Paula graduated with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and became a member of the ECK Clergy. Today Paula offers a wide range of programs and services from individual and group sessions to seminars.

She states, “Life Coaching is very different from therapy or counseling. It is a collaboration between two people to facilitate personal growth. My clients and I work together to uncover the grandest version of who they perceive themselves to be. I am not here to change anyone; I am here to help others open up to who they already are.” 

Paula shares her book Life Coach.  She deeply dissects her own triumphs and defeats and her life-long search for spiritual awareness. She describes how, from before birth, life has been her personal coach, a conscious companion.

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Paul Shares in her interview that life can be the ultimate coach for anyone. Life is an intimate journey. I believe that nothing, nothing, nothing happens by chance. This book is in your hands for a reason. You are living in your body for a reason. We have found ourselves living in a smorgasbord of experiences, truths, and illusions. Soul has at Its disposal 7 billion ways to express Itself. Before we can recognize our unique reason for expression, we must first uncover who is the Soul that’s doing the expressing? The Soul, the real-self is camouflaged by pain and drama stemming from drugs, alcohol, hate, war, anger, family circumstances, gambling, sex, religion, and even the Internet. This drama can cause us to hide the real self under the covers. We can get caught-up in our own thoughts, our own sticky InnerWeb. It is easy to find reasons to cower in fear, to dissociate from a world of great turmoil. It is also easy to come out angry and with fear—guns a blazing! However, we also have reasons to live life full-out, to connect with a world full of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. There are a wide array of experiences available to help us find peace of mind, to find our way out from under the covers. This book reflects the experiences that occurred to me when I let my real self come out and play. Discover how life’s ultimate purpose is to be your coach. Once we consciously plug in to life itself, we can choose to be introduced to an Inner Life Coach, intuition often felt as an unmistakable Inner Nudge. Our Inner Life Coach can be whatever we choose to make it. For me, it is the highest power available on earth. For others it could be science, nature or Higher Self. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong in what we choose. We are all on uniquely individual paths. What version are we choosing? We have the ultimate gift of free will. We can learn to use that gift to create the best possible life.

If you missed the show at 8PM Monday on MNN’s LifeStyle Channel, you can subscribe here for access to this show and hunderds of other great interviews: www.BONBON.LIVE

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