Two uniquely shaped smart folding electric bikes, Airwheel E6 and E3

Good things should be in pairs. Airwheel has released two cute and mini electric bicycles, including Airwheel E3 and Airwheel E6 successively in recent days. They are indeed welfare for us. Both of them are portable, convenient and comfortable.

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Surprisingly, Airwheel widens its production line again after launching the intelligent helmet. This time it developed the Airwheel E series electric bicycles. By this brand new series, Airwheel aims to getting users to own a more convenient riding experience.

Double O-shaped Airwheel E3 backpack electric bicycle

folding e bike

Airwheel E3 is defined as a backpack electric bike which can be loaded into a backpack. The main frame consists of two circles. The wheels after folding can be put naturally into the hollow circles so as to achieve the most reasonable folding solution. And after finishing all the folding parts, a miracle happens since the size of E3 electric folding bike is only 473mm×399mm×374mm.

e bike

To seek the most harmonious relationship between human and bikes, E3 folding e bike selects the 8-inch tires with customized tread pattern. Owing to its road holding ability and wear resisting ability, E3 can be driven smoothly in each kind of city roads. Besides, versatile handlebar equipped with EBS, bell, phone holder and headlight plays a supporting role for providing a more convenient experience.

X-shaped Airwheel E6 best electric bike

Comparatively speaking, Airwheel E6 e-bike looks like very simple. Several parts, such as main frame, seats, handrail and pedals, are collapsible and the size after folding is only 950×456×160mm. Since the tires are relatively small, E6 electric bike adopts the duel shock absorption design for ensuring the stable riding experience. Even if riders proceed in a bumpy road, they will not feel uncomfortable.

Airwheel E3

Also, seat is an important part for a Folding Smart Bike. It abandons the traditional sponge and adopts the rubber. The separated seats with left-right design gets riders obtain a more balancing force and good ventilation. Moreover, this design is also applied in Airwheel smart electric folding bike.

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To be honest, the new series products, Airwheel E3 backpack e bike and Airwheel E6 electric bike kit better suit the daily commuting and weekend traveling.

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