The Premiere of Chinese Film BREATHING in Venice Film Festival

The 73rd Venice Film Festival will be held from August 31 to September 10 in Lido Island of Venice.  The Chinese film BREATHING (where are you) will be first released in Venice. This is the only Chinese film that entering into Venice Film Festival.

Once in the 71st Venice Film Festival, the Chinese director Peter Chan’s works DEAR has been successfully released in Lido Island of Venice and this has attracted many media’s attentions. Then two years later, the Chinese new prominent director Fan Haolun’s works BREATHING will also be first released in the island. These two works all focus on the children trafficking with different story rhythm and shooting style.

This film is Mr Fan Haolun’s first directing works. He started to create in 2014, looked through plenty of related materials and deeply analyzed the characters’ inner worlds, thus it is a profound crime film. This film has added the two hot topics of “family violence” and “children trafficking”, and these two topics have been the serious world topics all the time. This serious film has remarkable educational meaning.

This film was recomposed from a actual  event, which took a samll city as the background, thus it has significant scene and Chinese characteristic regional culture. The director has used the lens language to fully express the characters’ inner worlds. BREATHING left us an impression of Chinese film with unique style and excellent production.

On September 5, the Chinese director Fan Haolun has attended the Venice Film Festival with the leading actress Jing Ke, we are waiting for the first release of BREATHING in Lido Island of Venice.

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