Yoninet Pruning Shears: Creating A Smooth-Looking And Beautiful Garden

8 August, 2016 – Premium high-end garden tool maker, Yoninet, announces the availability of its scissors-like 8” Bypass professional pruning shears. The high-quality steel pruning tool is gaining fast demand by new customers each day, most of whom were always referred by previous buyers. The pruning shear is well accepted by customers as it was designed to help for ease of use and its ergonomic handling design.                                 

A good pruner like  the 8” Bypass Yoninet Shear is an asset to any garden, not only does it remove branches unwanted or remove the dead parts of a plant, it helps you have a fine cut with its extra sharp blade, adding to the beauty of your home. Well-pruned plants produce more flowers and fruit. A sensible pruning also helps trees and shrubs ward off pests and diseases, thereby protecting your flowers and making your garden look beautiful always.

“It’s that time of year. Gardening! Getting all your plants nice. Constantly outside where something needs pruned or trimmed. We recently moved and have an abundance of outside plants and bushes. This is the first real pair of shears I’ve owned. We had an old huge set, but it just took too much to trim even the smallest things. These can be used with either hand! I love that the most. I am right handed, but do about everything left handed. These work the same and cut great no matter which hand I use. I trimmed 1 entire 4.5 foot bush with these,” says Elizabeth Davies.

She says further, “They cut great the entire time. I didn’t cut anything bigger than 1/8 of an inch, though. I did oil these with a bit of oil to keep them sap free when done with them to store them up until my next use. They have a nice rubber handle and my hands did not slip around and felt comfortable to hold. Unlike the shears we used to use, after 1 week, these did NOT need sharpened at all! They’ve cut grass, tiny limbs up to 1/8 of an inch. They may only be 8″, but cut better than anything I’ve used. I hope these last for years and they should with proper care.

The Yoninet 8” garden scissors is a high-quality steel blade pruning shears with a perfectly designed  safety jaws lock. But with a good set of pruning shears, it can be a breeze. Whether you’re controlling and shaping the growth of shrubs, bushes, and trees, removing dead or injured branches, or cutting some flowers to bring into your home, these Yoninet pruning shears are the best tool for the job.

The sharp cutting blade and bypass action of these shears will ensure you get clean cuts every time, leaving your plants healthy, with no crushing and the smallest possible wound. The sponge-covered handles are extremely comfortable and let both men and women get a secure and strong grip.

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