Ashley Madison Hacking Scandal 1 Year Later Helps Victims of the Ashley Madison Hack with their reputation management services.

TORONTO, CANADA – 8 Aug, 2016 – Just over a year after the infamous Ashley Madison hack, its impact is still being addressed throughout the world. Not only are those who had profiles affected, but the everyone who keeps personal information on the internet has had to reevaluate how they see their personal safety.

Thousands of lives have been impacted by the hacks. It’s hard to tell how many relationships were ruined when the information from the infidelity site was leaked, but both divorce attorneys and private investigators report an uptick in business after the names were released. There have been public shamings, politicians leaving office, and even suicides once the truth hit the public. The effects are likely to continue as more people find the information online.

When looking at the Ashley Madison hacking scandal 1 year later, it’s also easy to see that the website itself was a major victim. Not only did it lose the bulk of its user base, but the company was also subjected to an FCC investigation. While the company has attempted to rebrand itself after cleaning house, it’s not likely that it will ever reach the levels of popularity it saw before the hack.

If there is good news, it is that sites like have been able to salvage the reputations of many clients who had their personal information posted online. We’ve helped a few hundred victims last year that needed to promote the good things and find a positive way to promote themselves online while we were able to completely remove specific Ashley Madison hacking websites that posted their personal information online according to Sam Johnson a Reputation Advisor with Profile Defenders.

The site helps to manage reputations, cleaning up the detritus of a life spent online. Without such help, many people will find their online pasts coming back to haunt them – even if they were doing something they felt was totally innocent at the time. If the Ashley Madison hack proved anything, it was the fact that there’s no such thing as a secret on the internet – and that keeping your past from catching up with you takes hard work.


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