Super Lice Epidemic Targets Teens

Lice Expert Gives 5 Tips To Protect Your Teenager

“In my lice removal salon, teens used to be about 20% of our business. Now they are almost two-thirds of our business!” says Pam Skinner, owner of Picky Pam at the Beach in Huntington Beach. “We have known for a few years that selfies have increased the spread of lice, because it is spread by ‘head-to-head’ contact. I have a theory that Instagram and Snapchat help contribute to the spread of lice. Teens take multiple selfies, and when they decide which one to post… their heads are touching (so they can all see the screen at the same time).”

“A new study finds that lice in at least 42 states are resistant to an ingredient found in over-the-counter remedies that are widely recommended by doctors and school officials. The majority of people we see have already tried over-the-counter products, and most still have a great deal of nits and live bugs on their head!” says Skinner. Skinner’s treatment salon has been seeing about 50 people a day.

Here are her top 5 tips to prevent a Super Lice infestation on your teenager:

1. Limit SELFIES! If you do take selfies, pull your hair to the side, so it doesn’t ‘swirl’ with other people.

2. When selecting a selfie for Instagram or Snapchat, don’t let heads touch.

3. Don’t buy Over-The-Counter brands – lice are immune to chemicals, and combs are poor quality.

4.  If your teen has lice – TELL FRIENDS – you have to get lice out of the circle or risk reinfestation.

5. Pretty Braids & buns are a great way to prevent lice. Lice only need one loose hair to ‘climb aboard’.

Pam Skinner is the owner of Picky at the Beach, a professional lice removal salon in Huntington Beach, CA. All natural products, including the Professional Lice Solutions Apple Attack Treatment Shampoo, are available on Amazon (

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