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Ray Lewis, Tim Hardaway, Chris Gayle Athlete Affiliates Sharing in Billion Dollar Fall Launch!

Miramar, FL – United Games creates the world’s first “Live Interactive Sports App”.  United Games designed this Live App with the aim of revolutionising Fantasy Sports.It brings Sports Legends and their millions of fans into playing Live Sports Events. It also gives Former, and Current Pro Athletes like Ray Lewis, Tim Hardaway, and other athletes who share the Live Interactive Sports App with their fans through their social media post a percentage of the Billions of Dollars generated.

Ray Lewis as an example will make more money with United Games, just sharing the Live Interactive Sports app with fans, and bring in his fellow network of athletes and influencers, then he did in his entire Hall of Fame Football career.  This opportunity is open to all former and professional athletes.

Alive Global Sports is an Athlete Affiliate, bringing in the top former and current athletes in all major sports.  Alive Global Sports work with Sports Legend to build out their social media presence and increase their fan base even if they don’t have one or need their current social media sites updates and marketed, so they can share in the revenues generated by their fans.  Where is Dr. J.!

Alive Global Affiliate Athletes and Influencers share their page with their fellow athletes and network; Alive Sports handles the rest.

• Zero Cost to be an Athlete Affiliate and have potential to make over 100K per month

• Just Share The App and Play

• Alive Global Sports & United Games provides all the marketing material and support.

• Former EA Sports Art Director, Mark Mongie is responsible for the development of the Live Interactive Sports App.

• This unique experience of watching and playing a game of what happens next with your family, friends and favorite sports heroes is groundbreaking

• Sports Radar provide games live stats (Michael Jordon/Mark Cuban Investment)

About Alive Global Sports:

Our goals are to have “Sports Without Borders”,  Provide platform where all athletes can share in sports revenue regardless the sports, from Hall of Famer to those who strive to great.

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Country: United States