LiquidCool Solutions CEO Herb Zien Discusses Why Free Cooling can be Expensive at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Exchange

“Although cooling data centers with air is ridiculous enterprise data centers cling to unsustainable cooling technologies that were developed decades ago.”
LiquidCool Solutions CEO Herb Zien joins Energy Exchange Zien to discuss the inefficiencies and environmental waste associated with free cooling in data centers, and how a northern VA colocation facility can reduce square footage requirements by 75%, power requirements by 45% and its energy bill by 50%.

Rochester, MN – August 8, 2016 – LiquidCool Solutions, Inc. (LCS) announced today that CEO Herb Zien will serve on a panel during Energy Exchange, an educational and networking forum for those seeking to increase their knowledge of building operations, energy management, and sustainability in the federal sector. 

LCS recently revealed preliminary results of tests conducted by the Energy Department’s National Renewal Energy Laboratory validating LCS technology as a cost-effective, highly scalable solution to reduce the energy impact of data centers in commercial buildings. 

During his presentation Zien will demonstrate why air, an insulator with low heat capacity and virtually no thermal mass, is a terrible medium for cooling data centers. He will also dispel perceptions that all liquid cooling systems are expensive, messy, rigid and difficult to maintain.

Organized by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), through Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the Energy Exchange is being held August 9-11, 2016 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. During the event subject matter experts from different technical disciplines will share cost-effective, actionable solutions for federal sustainability. 

Within the context of his presentation, Zien will describe the inefficiencies and environmental waste associated with “free cooling.” He will also discuss how a federal agency that leases U.S. Customs and Border Protection data center space in a northern Virginia colocation facility can reduce square footage requirements by 75%, power requirements by 45% and its energy bill by 50%.

The panel will take place Tuesday, August 9 from 4:00 to 5:30 PM local time. 

Zien has 30+ years of experience in project development, engineering management, power generation and energy conservation.  He has been responsible for the development of numerous steam and power production projects, as well as the purchase and sale of energy-related businesses. 

About LiquidCool Solutions

LiquidCool Solutions is a technology development firm with patents surrounding cooling electronics by total immersion in a dielectric fluid. LCS technology can be used to cool electronics of any shape and size. LCS licenses its IP to OEMs looking for a cooling solution that saves energy, saves space, enhances reliability, operates silently, conserves water and can be surprisingly easy to maintain in the field. LCS cooling technology has the capacity of dissipating 100 kilowatts per rack at costs far less than alternative technologies.

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