How To Avoid Being Sick Again

08 Aug, 2016 – Las Vegas, Nv. – The Institute for Better Health, is proud to announce the addition of THE ALL NATURAL HEALTH PROGRAM which is a combination of three products for preventing Colds, Flu, Allergies, Cold Sores, Shingles & Herpes as well as most Sickness and Disease. Our products will keep the Immune System Strong, the colon clean  &  is a must for healthy living.

The first product of The All Natural Health Program is Immune-All; which keeps the Immune System strong, and fight off Colds, Flu, Viruses, and Allergies. The second product, Daily Colon Support (DCS); flushes the toxins, poison, impurities and viruses  from the colon while Psyllium (Fiber) Capsules contain an abundant source of concentrated soluble fiber that supports healthy Intestinal functions.

I would like to introduce you to the best program for preventing sickness and disease and is the most efficient and least expensive program on the market today,” says, James Kaylon McIntyre, President/CEO.

I suffered from Colds and Flu for over eight years, and I was tired of taking drugs for my problems. I’m so glad that I found a program that is safe and natural. Now that I’m on The Natural Health Program I no longer have Colds, Allergies or the Flu. This product is great. It’s a health tonic,” says, Robert C., Houston, TX.

It’s imperative to know that all the products require no prescription and are designed to eliminate outbreaks of the herpes of virus and will keep you healthy. Even though this is not a permanent cure, it’s the best program of its kind on the market today. Try the products, and enjoy a happy, healthy life.


The All Natural Health Program is the Natural Choice since 1997. It is a well researched, tested and improved program initiated by The Institute for Better Health. The company’s products are the best on the market for Colds, Flu, and for general health improvement. All these products are a safe, natural mixture of herbs, vitamins, and minerals with benefits that are limitless and with no side effects.

Our 20th year keeping our customers healthy & happy!

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