Pakistan has turned Balochistan into a military garrison: Hyrbyair Marri

Berlin – Baloch activists in Germany have completed the 700-kilometre-long march by foot and reached Berlin on 5th of August. The leader of the Free Balochistan Movement, Hyrbyair Marri, had announced the long march by a public statement on 9th July, his primary objective, to free Balochistan.

On Friday when 700 kilometres long march reached in Berlin it turned into a huge demonstration in front of the German parliament, the Participants chanted slogans against the Pakistan, Iran and China. They were carrying placards against the human rights violation. Due to the alarming human rights situation in Balochistan many Baloch activists flee their homeland and sought refuge in European countries.

Not many Americans know about Balochistan and its history. Baloch is an ancient Indo-European nation and its history date backs to 500 BC when they along with their Kurdish cousins, were part of the Medes Empire. According to their popular myths, when their enemies destroyed the empire, Kurds migrated into deep mountainous region which is now ‘Kurdistan’ and Baloch travelled further until they reached in a Mars like terrain, which they now call their home ‘Balochistan’.

Balochistan’s territory is smaller than Texas but larger than California. It is one of the wealthiest regions of the world, with strategic seaports, oil and gold mines yet Baloch are deprived of basic human commodities. Baloch people had an independent and sovereign country for centuries until they were invaded by Pakistan in 1948. Since then Baloch are struggling to free their country and end Pakistan’s colonial rule.

Pakistan government was always supported with US tax payers’ money for its assistance against the Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism. However, Pakistan played double games and instead tackling enemies of the United States, Pakistan supported them. They also harboured Osama Bin Laden for many years until he was captured and killed by US marines in Abbottabad, not far from Pakistan’s capital.

Baloch leaders always accused Islamabad of using US military equipment and aid against innocent civilians in Balochistan. Pakistani media outlets do not report human rights violations and international journalists are barred from visiting the war-torn region. More than 20,000 people have been enforced disappeared, most of them political activists and supporters of the movement. According to local human rights organisations, they have discovered 3000 dead bodies of Baloch political activists in the last five years who were previously abducted by Pakistan Army and other security forces.

‘Currently, Pakistan is engaged in its fifth attempt to destroy the Baloch freedom struggle, but the present phase of the Baloch liberation struggle is better organised and more widespread, that’s why our enemy – Pakistan – is carrying out increased brutal military operations and attacks against innocent Baloch civilians, it is because they can see their defeat and the success of Baloch struggle. The enforced-disappearances, extra-judicial killing, indiscriminate bombing of Baloch villages and targeted killing of the most conscientious and educated youth in Balochistan are signs of weakness and frustration of the enemy state – Pakistan’ said Hyrbyair Marri in a message, which was read out by one of the participant.

He further said that ‘I would like to reiterate the point that the Afghan and Indian governments, and all other free nations should include Balochistan in their foreign policy decision making, and support the Baloch national liberation struggle politically, morally and diplomatically at all forums’. In the past Mr Marri asked the US government to stop all financial and military aid to Pakistan because it was being used against secular Baloch civilians.

Although, Obama administration did little to scrutinize the military aid to Pakistan. In May 19th, the situation changed when Republican controlled House of Representatives scrutinized the military aid and demanded that all aid to Pakistan should be blocked until Pakistani government stop supporting the enemies of the United States.

Some US congressmen including Dana Rohrabacher have been informing the American people and government about Balochistan situation but most of the American people are still unaware of Pakistani state’s genocidal policies against Baloch people. The Free Balochistan Movement aim to organise worldwide awareness programs to bring the plight of Baloch nation to the attention of international media and human rights organisations. 

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