New Film Exposes Black Magic and CIA Mind Control Connections To Scientology, Hollywood and More

DALLAS, TX – 8 Aug, 2016 – Independant filmmaker and talk show host Josh Reeves has just released his 6th full length documentary entitled “The Spellcasters”.

This film asks the question “Who controls Hollywood?” Reeves explores the early days of cinema all the way through to the days of the infamous Hollywood blacklist before exploring how it connects to other events in 1947 such as the formation of the cia,the roswell ufo incident, and the government mind control program known as MKULTRA. Reeves also connects these events with the use of black magic in mind control as well as connections to L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology the cia and more. He also connects this to so called “truth movement” figure heads who he believes are connected to forces attempting to usher in a new civil war in America. This is the information that other documentaries claiming to expose these subjects won’t tell you.

One early review of the film stated “WOW! Reeves did a fantastic job on the film. I’m really impressed with it. He did a great job in presenting the connections and relating the different puzzle pieces. That is something I sometimes find difficult to communicate. I think a lot of the mystery around Scientology and it’s true purpose have been blown wide open with this film.” Another said “Just sat down and watched The Spellcasters, twice. Amazing job! Josh Reeves really outdid himself with production, the graphics, sound everything is perfect. I cannot believe how crisp and smooth the entire film was. Your voiceovers were superb and the transitions flawless. The Ken Burns of Conspiracy.”

This film is avalible for ourchase now in 2 formats HD and SD and can be pre-ordered on DVD and Blu-Ray coming in about 6 weeks at

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