Fredericksburg Texas, a desirable place to invest!

“Fredericksburg Texas Real Estate”
Real Estate is seen by many experts as one of the safest investment vehicles to grow your money and Fredericksburg TX is a desirable place to make that investment.

Fredericksburg Texas, a desirable place to invest!

The Texas Real Estate market has weathered the recent years  financial storms better than most  any other state in the country.  Many investors in recent years have moved away from paper assets to more tangible assets  such as precious metals and of course Real Estate.    Although Real Estate is not the most liquid of assets it  is often seen by many experts  as one of the most secure ways to build wealth,  keep pace with inflation  and has proven to be one of the most successful investment vehicles out there.  The strength of the Texas market has attracted many investors from around the world looking for a safe place to grow their money.

One of the most popular areas is the central Texas hill country and right at the heart of the hill country lies the little town of Fredericksburg Texas.    This small Texas town,  located just West of Austin and North of San Antonio, has become a mecca for investment  and according to the Houston Chronicle, Gillepise County now has more millionaires per capita of any other county in the state.  Founded in 1846 by German settlers, the city of Fredericksburg is home to one of the most visited  small town Main Streets in Texas, offering numerous activities throughout the year as well as fine dining, great mueseums and a wine industry that continues to grow at an amazing pace.  In  fact the hill country wine region is now the 2nd  most visited wine region in the country with the Napa being #1.  

Local Fredericksburg Texas Realtor, Mike Starks, said “I am no finical expert but I can tell you, Fredericksburg is more than a great place to visit, it is a great place to invest and to live.   There are  many different potential investment options to be had.  One of the most popular investment options  for the client who visits Fredericksburg regularly is to purchase a bed-and-breakfast.  The popularity of B&Bs continues to increase, so a very common business model is for someone to purchase a bed-and-breakfast which they can use as a second home when visiting town, yet rent out  the rest of the time. There are several great B&B services which can run the entire show,  so the investor  can end up with a positive cash flow, a place to enjoy when they’re in town and what has historically been a strong appreciation rate. In fact over the last five years the average home price in Fredericksburg TX has  increased by nearly 35%. Not a bad return on an investment  that you can enjoy and get monthly cash flow from.”  

“For  high-end, long-term investors  buying ranch property and land in Texas is a great option.  The advantages to buying raw land are numerous,” said Mr. Starks.  “For one thing, the carrying costs for raw land can be minimal.  Most often when you buy a ranch around Fredericksburg TX  the land will be agriculturally exempt on taxes.  Even if the investor is out of town or out of state they can usually find a rancher more than willing to continue to run cattle on the property  to keep the agricultural exemption in place. That means often an investment  of several million dollars can have a yearly carrying cost  of less than $500 a year.  Currently the capital gains tax on the sale of long-term real estate holding is much less than gains made elsewhere.  Not to mention the enjoyment  one receives by spending time in nature in one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of Texas.”

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