U.S. Government Secretly Investigated Betty/Barney Hill and Travis Walton Alien Abduction Stories

HARTFORD, CT – 9 Aug, 2016 – According to a former government psychologist, an elite U.S. Air Force unit conducted covert investigations into both the Betty/Barney Hill and Travis Walton alien abduction stories to determine if there was any real threat to U.S. citizens. These investigations have remained classified because of the investigative techniques used and the covert involvement of federal agencies in local jurisdictions. Apparently, these investigations discovered witnesses not questioned in the public investigation and occurred over a period years as the investigators monitored the evolution of the stories. In the book, THE FINAL REVELATION: The Sun Project, the psychologist describes both the investigations and the conclusions reached based on the information gathered during the investigation and “assurances” provided by a mysterious “unidentified” source. Interestingly, this psychologist also states unequivocally that the U.S. government does not condone nor consent to any abduction of U.S. citizens by any life forms contrary to the stories found in UFO pop-culture.

In THE FINAL REVELATION: The Sun Project, military and intelligence sources reveal the truth about alien abductions and some of the most infamous UFO incidents in history as well as the disturbing facts about extraterrestrial involvement in human evolution and the future of the human race. The book includes disclosures concerning recently discovered Roswell Base Logs and Reports, what is real and what is not regarding some of the most infamous UFO Reports and UFO Abduction Cases such as Betty and Barney Hill and Travis Walton, the government’s weapon’s initiatives for Managing the ET Threat including the Inspiration for the HAARP Project, the Church’s Long-Standing Involvement in the UFO Phenomena and association with the notorious Men in Black, secret programs for achieving Global Dominance using the ET Advantage, and Evidence of ET Involvement in Human Evolution & the Ecosystem.

The information presented will challenge the reader’s sense of reality and change the way in which one views the world. Everything we have been taught tells us this is not possible. Even true believers will question their convictions and struggle to accept the reality presented here. And, admittedly some of this information raises more questions than it answers. But, as we are learning more about the Universe the real question has become, “Why not?”

More information can be found online at leading booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the iBook store under the keyword: RJ Teles, or at THE FINAL REVELATION: The Sun Project. Available in soft cover and Kindle Editions.


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