EAR Defense Introduces Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery Facility for the Amazon Shoppers of their Ear Plugs.

“EAR Defense is a manufacturer of high-quality acoustic devices that are designed to protect the human ear and hearing. The company’s flagship product EAR Defense Ear Plugs are now selling successfully at Amazon.com :
EAR Defense has just introduced guaranteed accelerated shipping facility for the Amazon buyers of their popular ear plugs. This facility allows the buyers to receive their purchased product within just one business day, paying additional charges.

EAR Defense, a distinguished manufacturer of hearing protection devices, is now offering guaranteed accelerated shipping for the Amazon shoppers purchasing their noise protection earplugs. This expedited shipping service will allow the buyers to receive their earplugs within just one business day by paying an additional amount. It is relevant to mention here that the earplugs from Ear Defense have already received over five hundred Amazon reviews with an excellent user rating. A high percentage of the users have heavily recommended these earplugs for any person that deals with high intensity sound. These earplugs are available in two different sizes, and can be purchased now for $26.95 only. 

Sound with a high pitch or volume can have several serious consequences, including permanent hearing loss or ringing in the ears. In spite of that, many factory workers, bikers, musicians, sportsmen, and people from many different occupations are regularly exposed to this danger. The earplugs from EAR Defense offer an inexpensive solution to this problem. Users suggest that these earplugs protect the hearing of the users by reducing the volume. However, the clarity of the sound remains unaffected. Therefore, these devices are also suitable for concert ear protection. Made from premium quality soft silicone, the earplugs are also suitable for people that are prone to itchiness or allergic reactions.

In a recently published Amazon review, the reviewer mentioned, “These ear plugs were very supple and fit in my ear canals pretty well. Comparing these to the surefire ear plugs they stack up pretty well. They comfortably reduce the noise level while being able to still hear things at a normal volume. The included line to attach the plugs together was a nice touch! I’ve had the chance to mow the lawn and be on stage with a band they stood up well. I could still hear what I needed to in both cases without ear pain.”

Highlighting the need for the guaranteed accelerated shipping facility, a senior official from EAR Defense stated, “We come across many buyers that want to receive their earplugs without any delay whatsoever. At times, they are also ready to pay extra for an expedited shipping. This service is specifically for those buyers.”

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