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With the economic development, cars have been every family’s standard vehicle, however, the problems such as traffic congestion, tail gas pollution, the increase of gasoline make people reexamine trip mode, so environment-friendly commuting vehicle receive the special favor of people, especially the cost-effective electric bike.

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Zero-emission and powered by storage battery are the two distinct features of electric bicycles, so more and more brands of electric bikes appear on the market, while, there is a common problem for these traditional e-bikes, the ones which have strong powers are usually clumsy, it is inconvenient especially for girls to move; the others which have smaller and lighter vehicle body lack sufficient driving force, so no matter which choice cannot satisfy customers fully. In the spirit of bringing a free and joyful life to our customers, Airwheel launches the new product e-bike E6.

Airwheel E6

With respect to appearance, Airwheel Smart e Bike E6 is just like a minimalist version of traditional electric bicycle, but the more delicate details leave a deep impression on people. It is to be observed that the battery uses external modular battery design, which enables riders to change the battery, that is to say, if people find Airwheel E6 almost run down, they don’t need to rush to find a place for recharging and the range is upgraded. For the consideration of comfort while riding, Airwheel e bike E6 selects the rubber saddle instead of sponge cushion, what’s more, according to a large amount of riding data analysis, left-right design of saddle gives riders balanced force and good ventilation.

Airwheel E6

Each detail is not designed casually, the success contains trial and error from time to time. The painting adopts low temperature painting technology, after over ten processes, the product appears to be excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance, generally speaking, the car-level painting technology makes Airwheel E6 smart e bike realize longer service life. In such a small vehicle, there is a 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, with the integration of electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system to offer more powerful and stable force.

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With leading technology and advanced cooperate culture, Airwheel electric bicycle E6 achieves a good result once it was launched. However, Airwheel will not be content with the past achievements, and will insist on developing products that bring people surprises.

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