Chinese Diva Mi Xuan Crowned the ‘Most Beautiful Young Girl in Asia’ on Instagram

A beautiful 18-year-old Chinese girl Mixuan posted online a set of her art photos in the style of traditional Chinese royal art. These photos were full of mysterious oriental exoticism and unique noble bearing. A large number of netizens were amazed by her classic style that received a lot of reposting with high praise: “Her traditional style is so beautiful that she is just like an ancient oriental princess”.

Mixuan may be just another pretty young Chinese girl, but she has the beauty which girls of her age are jealous of. On popular image blogs, it is widely believed that she represents the gentleness of the oriental beauty, and is the best looking young Asian girls. According to the latest data, the number of her Instagram followers is increasing vastly.

Mixuan posted photos from Time Square, New York, two days ago, and they already received a lot of praise. She is a charming beauty with juicy lips, delicate smooth skin and black silky hair. Her exquisite expressive facial features and black-pearl eyes have won her a lot of followers. Her latest Instagram photos show her in a cheongsam, and it is obvious that her admirers enjoy her fashion style and unique aesthetic.

It also can be seen in her Instagram sets of Chinese traditional clothing pictures. Obviously, her aesthetic is deeply connected to the culture and traditional Chinese dress. Usually, Mixuan posts photos on Instagram of her wearing western fashion in the style of sexy, cute and naughty, which is enough to prove that she masters these styles of fashion.

Mi Xuan’s aphrodisiac look has already turned quite a few heads on Instagram and she is deservingly selected as the best looking Asian girl at this moment. She has used many pictures for her Instagram and is obviously selected the best look Asian girl. With the use of surrealism, some of her photos are made the dreamlike feeling. Whether edited, Miss China’s photos have become quite a stir on social media.

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