Think n’ Toys, a family-owned virtual business dedicated to researching, refining, and producing today’s most innovative products related to preschool education via augmented reality, this week listed their latest ingenious invention on Amazon for all parents looking to bring an interactive learning feature to the forefront of their children’s educational experience.

The AR Animal Educational Game, an interactive 3D learning system designed to foster curiosity for animals and vocabulary development through storytelling, imagery, and technology, is shaping how children experience and absorb basic information through an eye-catching presentation.

“The purpose of our innovative invention was to above all, make learning for kids fun and interactive,” said Jorge Santos, Founder and Owner of Think n’ Toys. “It’s hard for many kids to develop a love for learning when the learning method does not align with how their brain operates. Our easy to use system will engage any child, no matter how distant their attention span.”

The 3D learning system works by scanning the QR code on the back of the box to download the AR Animal app. Compatible with all major iOS and Android operating systems through the Apple Store or Google Play Store, the game is instantly activated when the app is aimed at one of the interactive animal cards. By synching the phone with the game, children can watch the animals literally come to life almost immediately.

Through finger movement and placement on the app, users can rotate the animal from a horizontal direction to desired angles, place animals anywhere on the screen, and enlarge or shrink animals depending the user’s satisfaction.

Think n’ Toys revolutionary product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

For more information, visit: www.thinkintoys.com

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