Pokemon Go-style new shopping app SavelGo offering virtual coupons to catch on the go

New Pokemon Go-inspired shopping app SavelGo is offering virtual coupons for amazing deals to catch while on the go. The app extends offers and information based on the specific shopping interests of the users.

London, United Kingdom – August 9th, 2016 – Talk about the latest crazes and Pokemon Go tops the chart with elan. The wonder of Augmented Reality as championed by the game seems to be encompassing different facets of life and that also includes the emergence of shopping gamification trends. In rhyme with the Pokemon Go-inspired shopping gamification style, new shopping app SavelGo is offering virtual coupons to catch while on the go.

The app is available for both Android & iPhone users. It’s a free application.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new app SavelGo packed with the new unique feature of map-based ‘coupon catching’, inspired by the recent buzz of Pokemon Go.  Just as in the game you have to catch the Pokemon characters while walking on the streets – our revolutionary app will enable you to catch coupons & get free top-up for your account. The virtual coupons caught can be redeemed to buy amazing deals on the app. With SavelGo, it’s like shopping with a fun twist of game & entertainment,” stated Salvatore Vacante, the CEO of SavelGo.

SavelGo is a futuristic endeavor developed by Salvatore Vacante and Massimo Rossi.

“It’s going to start a new trend where people will stop playing Pokemon as now they have money to catch on the streets.”

The unique aspect of SavelGo lies in the fact that the app is designed to help users with details on only the products and services which they are interested in. After the user downloads it, he/she would enter details on his/her shopping interests in the app and based on that, the app will come up with deals and information on the desired stuff. The app is powered by a robust search engine which offers the user an ability to perform a smart search to find services/products they desire, let it be a Pizza Place or their next Shoes. The users can enter input about their preferred brands, favorite retailers and local services.

“Our app is designed keeping ‘YOU’ in mind and hence we always assure you a personalized service to complement your typical shopping spree. You can forget about inbox crammed with unwanted promotional offers as SavelGo is all about deals and offers, tailored just as per your specific shopping interests. We value your time,” added in Rossi.

SavelGo’s Personal Shopper feature keeps the users updated about key information about the products they are interested in and also allows them to preview & pre-book desired goodies- so that they can be the first one to enjoy the latest.

“SavelGo is your social shopping app meant for cutting edge 21st Century shopping, with entertainment and shopping entwined together. If you are looking forward to catch the latest launches on high street, looking to comment on the new services or products & longs to be the first to on the latest trends- you have the answer with SavelGo. We will support you with pre-launch notifications from your favorite stores and reveal all the latest offers to help all the bargain hunters out there.”

To download SavelGo, visit www.SavelGo.com

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/TnBuSrASR9w

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