EAR Defense Announces Comprehensive Facebook Marketing Strategy for their Ear Plugs.

“Use EAR Defense earplugs where ever or when ever you are in a loud environment – protect your ears.”
EAR Defense has decided to build a strong social media presence for their earplugs utilizing the company’s recently launched Facebook page. This product has already made a positive impact on Amazon.com with five hundred plus Amazon reviews.

EAR Defense is pleased to reveal that the company has just put together a comprehensive policy to build a robust social media presence for their multi utility earplugs. It has also been informed that this policy will initially be implemented around the company’s Facebook Fan page. A manufacturer of world class acoustic devices, Ear Defense has already caught the attention of the Amazon shoppers with their top-of-the-line earplugs. Now, EAR Defense is looking to reach out to a larger segment of potential customers leveraging the power of social media.

The hearing protection earplug from EAR Defense is the result of months of research and development activities. The product was designed with the utmost care to overcome the common issues people face while using sub-standard earplugs. One of the most noteworthy design features of the product is its attenuation filters that lower the sound volume without reducing the clarity. This feature has made these earplugs a favorite with the music lovers. Other delighted users of the product include many musicians, drummers, factory workers, motorcycle riders, etc. Another key aspect of this product is its triple flanged design, an innovative feature that allows these earplugs to be used by all users regardless of the size of their ear canals. This high-quality product is available in two sizes, and is now selling on Amazon.com for just $26.95.

Speaking highly of this product, a recent user mentions, “These are really great !!! They work wonders on my ear drums too !!! I use these at party’s at family members houses that like to dance to music wide open, lol !!!! I also use these at night to help me sleep so I do not hear noise all night. These would be great for car racing, go cart racing, any outdoor sports that are really loud and the noise hurts your ears. Even concerts, I go with friends but it is so loud these are really going to be a blessing to me, lol. My ears are really sensitive to loud noises these are a real blessing to me.”  

Talking about the company’s Facebook promotion plan, a senior official from EAR Defense stated, “We have decided to get started using our existing Facebook page and plan to expand across other social media platforms very soon. A competent social media manager may also be hired to take charge of all these activities.”

To find out more about EAR Defense Ear Plugs, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Musicians-Motorcycle-Drummers-Festivals-Protection/dp/B013H8FUVA?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

About EAR Defense:

EAR Defense is a manufacturer of high-quality acoustic devices that are designed to protect the human ear and hearing. The company’s flagship product EAR Defense Ear Plugs are now selling successfully at Amazon.com:

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