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Rugs and carpets add beauty and elegance to any room. There is a wide range of rugs available like traditional as well as modern rugs.

Carpet and rug making is now considered as an art and carpets are an item of luxury. But originally, these were made with traditional materials primarily with wool or silk. The main purpose of a rug was to provide protection from cold and later came to be associated with luxury. The art of making rugs and carpets arrived in Europe after Moorish carpets were imported from the Middle East. Currently, carpets are primarily made with synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and acrylics rather than with natural fibers.

Making carpets by tying each knot individually creates an exquisite and beautiful carpet with intricate patterns and designs. This makes it quite valuable and is counted to be among the top quality carpets.

The countries that have a history of Islamic culture like Iran, Turkey, Persia, India, Pakistan, Tibet and Central Asia have a traditional carpet making industry for centuries.

While hand knotted rugs are much more valuable, some people could be tricked easily into buying machine-made one.  The back of a rug often helps to know the difference. The design on the back should be same as the design on the front. The fringe is a part of the rug and not added later as is the case of a machine made rug. A machine made rug is perfectly even and uniform while a hand knitted one has several imperfections. If a rug has been made by a weaver, it will have no repetition of designs. 

The carpets made in various places differ from each other due to the designs and colors used. The elegant Persian or Iranian rugs have rich colors, wonderful designs and are also durable. Turkish carpets are well known for the type of knot used that add to the beauty of the distinct colors, designs and manufacturing techniques used. Tibetan rugs were made with the wool from the sheep found in Tibet, used large designs and made them with a different method as compared to other countries.   

Due to the influence of Islamic countries, carpet and rug making came to other places as well. The rugs started being made in Aubusson and Savnonneire in France were made to fulfill the demand of the royalty and the aristocracy. The rugs and carpets made at Savnonneire were particularly rich in details and were specially made for royal use. The style that developed here slowly incorporated more of European influences.

Now this industry has spread in most parts of the world, particularly after rugs started being made by machines.  However, preference for the hand knotted rugs is still there as it makes the rug much more valuable as well as unique.

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