Reclaimed Wood Flooring; Giving Homes a New Look With a Touch of Beauty and Class

In earlier times, wood was the material of choice for flooring as it was quite easily and cheaply available. But due to environmental concerns, there are many takers for recycled wood.

Wood that is recycled or reclaimed from old structures and buildings not only saves more trees from getting cut but also prevents wastage. In many cases, the old buildings and structures like homes and barns may not be fit for use and would get demolished soon. If the wood used can be recovered and used, then it can be prevented from rotting away.

Also, it’s hard to get several types of wood and of the quality that was found earlier. This wood has also been through expansion and contraction for many years. This makes it quite sturdy and stable.

Such wood tends to have imperfections like nail holes, cracks and saw marks among others. Many people like to use wood that has them.

There are various types of wood available that give a different look to the room. But it ultimately depends on upon the choice of each person as to which type of wood is preferred. After the flooring has been installed, proper care is required to ensure that the wood remains beautiful and clean. Furniture should not be dragged and fitted with soft floor protectors such that they do not leave any marks or starches on the floor. To clean the floor, any product that is not specifically meant for wood should be avoided. That also includes avoiding mopping the floor with water or using ammonia and wax with any type of glossy finish.

To prevent water, dust or dirt, floor covering such mats, rugs or carpets can be utilized on the floor to control the amount of dust and dirt that falls on the floor. These should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep the floor clean as well as to ensure that the rugs, mats, and carpets can be used for a long term. People should be encouraged to keep high heeled shoes, particularly stilettos outside and wear flat slippers if required inside the house so that no damage is caused to the wooden floor inside the house. Wiping shoes before entering the house, particularly during snowy, windy or rainy days can help a lot to reduce dirtying the floor. If there are any pets, then the nails and claws should be kept well-trimmed.

Using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brushed suction unit is particularly helpful to clean the floor of any dirt and dust. Soft brushes and mops can also be used. If anything spills, it should be cleaned immediately with a dry cloth or paper towels. Damp towels should be used if required, but the area needs to get dry as soon as possible with a fan or air-conditioner. But the water should be wrung properly such that the cloth is just felt damp enough to touch.

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