MusicWeMake Puts The Chart At The Center Of Music Discovery

LOS ANGELES, CA – 10 Aug, 2016 – Innovative music project seeks to help recording artists market their music through ever changing weekly music charts.

Maquet Robinson of GIG Music Group, an American Independent Record Label operating out of Tampa Bay, FL says fans and artists alike, all love music charts. “There are many ways to get exposure and validation for an artist, but an independent, unbiased music chart has the ability to thrust a song into the spotlight.”

Kevin Amerson, Founder of MusicWeMake describes the service as a launchpad for independent musicians. “Independent Music needs an opportunity to stand out. An unbiased, honest music chart validates all music, provides pure feedback and creates space for the best songs to float to the top where they may be discovered; that’s what we provide,” said Amerson.

MusicWeMake is a music technology company that is filling the gap in music discovery between social platforms and major music outlets. Data is collected, filtered and analyzed from internet plays either directly on or any site using the song’s embed code. Data filtering and analysis is an important step in the process. “The music chart is a weekly competition; the data is important. Faking your way onto the chart is difficult, and staying there with fake plays is even more difficult and costly. We don’t want musicians spending their time and money generating fake plays and votes, so every chance we get, we encourage artists to build their fan base rather than paying for fake likes or follows,” said Amerson.

The long-term goal of MusicWeMake is to unlock truly great independent music every week for every fan around the world.


Kevin Amerson

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