SwingClick Golf Training Device Enlists Mr. Checkout To Coordinate Their US Retail Launch

The SWINGCLICK is a device which is strapped to the golfers forearm. It’s small enough to carry in your golf bag.

SwingClick is the world’s #1 transition trainer that helps golfers master their timing, tempo and rhythm. The lightweight training device straps to your forearm and clicks at three key points of the swing: at the top of the backswing, at impact and at follow-through. SwingClick trains your brain like a metronome building and engraining muscle memory to maintain a smooth rhythmic swing just like the pros.

Mr. Checkout’s system of creating a groundswell of interest among golfers will be the key to launching SwingClick to select retailers nationwide. With a distinctive approach to market, Mr. Checkout will be connecting with retail buyers, industry representatives and social media influencers for a coordinated national launch into retail.

Already proven effective by professional golfers, SwingClick’s timing, tempo and rhythm training are critical elements to winning for tour players when the pressure is on. Players often talk about having to grind it out on Sunday and keep it in play even when they may not be hitting their best shots. From a mental perspective, being able to slow everything down and maintain your rhythm is the key to winning or losing.

“Keeping my rhythm under pressure in a tournament is key to playing great golf,” said Srixon professional tour player Jaco Ahlers. “I love the SwingClick PLUS because it’s the easiest way to practice your tempo and rhythm.”

For more information and video tips, and where to purchase one visit swingclickgolf.com

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