Casaide launches real estate’s first hourly fee-for-service marketplace.

With the launch, Casaide provides consumers with an alternative to commissions and helps real estate agents nationwide offer consulting services.

NEW YORK, NY – 10 Aug, 2016 – In a first for the industry, allows residential home sellers to find and work with local agents on an hourly fee-for-service basis. Due to the rigidity of commissions, an increasingly large segment of home sellers has become alienated from the industry. For them, Casaide provides a convenient venue to receive professional support without commissions. Casaide connects these sellers with partner agents and then facilitates payments and logistics.

Catering specifically to for sale by owner (FSBO) home sellers, Casaide allows partner agents to better monetize a significant market segment that otherwise bypasses real estate services. As a technology company, not a brokerage, Casaide is a trusted partner to real estate professionals and powers this new revenue stream for their business.

“At its heart, Casaide addresses a market inefficiency with a solution that benefits all. Casaide provides new, steady cashflow to our partner brokers, adding to their revenue. The clients that Casaide delivers do not cannibalize our partners’ existing business because a Casaide FSBO seller, one willing to pay hourly before closing, is quite different from a regular seller. As such, Casaide drives additional revenue to our partners and allows our FSBO clients to have a professional by their side.” – Anton Buyanovskiy, CEO of Casaide.

Casaide believes consulting increases the relevancy of agents and maximizes their earnings. Upcoming developments to Casaide’s platform will continue to increase the value proposition to both groups. 

About Casaide:

Founded to make selling a home easier for all, Casaide is based in New York City and is a trusted, nationwide marketplace for home sellers to find, hire, and pay local real estate professionals who accept clients on an hourly paid basis.

Whether a home seller needs a trusted, unbiased advisor to help decide when to sell, help with pricing a home, or help with the entire sale, Casaide provides a convenient venue for them to find the perfect real estate professional.

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