New Concept Seeks To Revolutionize Modern Travel Planning

ST. LOUIS, MO – 11 Aug, 2016 – Worldwide travel expert Guidester proudly announces the launch of its Kickstarter campaign. The funding is earmarked to enhance its custom guidebooks with new features and capabilities, develop a new web-based user platform, and extend an enhanced personal travel experience to a broader audience.  The world travelers at Guidester, Jack Baumann, Beth Weimholt and Jessie Dalton, combine their ingenuity, creativity, travel knowledge, and technology to provide a unique personalized travel service unlike any other.   

Formed in 2014, Guidester creates custom, comprehensive travel guidebooks for individuals and families based on their travel style, interests and destinations.  The concept emerged after company founders’ own travel experiences too often left them overwhelmed, underprepared, and missing much of their experience.  Guidester is dedicated to making personal travel planning easier and more successful, ensuring that travelers have a more genuine experience and get more out of their precious vacation time. 

“A vacation should be enjoyable, entertaining and relaxing, but the preparation for the trip seldom is, explained Jack Baumann, CEO & Founder of Guidester.  “Guidester provides a simple, personalized solution for travelers who are overwhelmed by planning or want assistance in making their vacation the best it can be.” 

These comprehensive guidebooks outline attractions, dining, shopping, nightlife, cultural information and more.  Every customer receives a travel-friendly physical full color guidebook plus an interactive e-book that is compatible with any phone or smart device. The e-book is mobile-optimized and directly links to specific tours, restaurant reservations, and custom Google maps.  

Building from its strong foundation, the Guidester team is expanding its services with innovative new ideas to further enhance any personal travel experience.  Using Kickstarter to accomplish its goals enables the company to quickly raise the funds for its planned expansion.  There are several levels of contribution at the Guidester campaign for donors, sponsors and supporters to select from.  In exchange for their contribution, donors are provided awesome rewards including free travel guides, travel gear, and the ability to directly collaborate with Guidester on new projects. 

To learn more about the Guidester Kickstarter campaign, become a supporter through a nominal contribution, or follow the progress of the campaign, please visit  There are only a couple of weeks remaining in the campaign. Now is the time to join the Guidester campaign and revolutionize modern travel planning. 

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