Chicken soup with ginseng wides open export markets of Singapore and China

April 29 afternoon open for Jeonbuk Gunsan Container Terminal in Chinese chicken soup and chicken soup in a shipping container that contains the first export Ceremony event. The initial export shipments were exported a total of 20 tons to attach a co-CI (K-samgyetang) in true pre-registered companies, including five companies. / Photo: PRWorldwire
including Eland, CJ, Harim destinations struggling, exports largely neuldeut

The house is right boknal Samgyetang achieved due to phosphoric acid. The landscape is expected to soon be replicated in China and Singapore. Especially in earnest this month, while the Chinese market was hot, the pulley bolt also preoccupy the market competition between companies. As a result, more than 2000 tons now seems to be a little chicken soup also greatly increase exports.

According to the Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food is the first 28 days of export shipments resumed this month, Chinese chicken soup is 20 tons. Chinese chicken soup export workshop registered companies in five companies Harim (5 tons), the true frame (10 tons), Moguchon (2 tons), Fine yarns Korea (1.5 tons), Jiaodong food (1.5 tons) were involved.

Exports to China took place only 2006 years since South Korea has requested a chicken soup product import permit 10 years. After the final agreement last October between the two governments, sanitary and phytosanitary export conditions, the first shipment inspection conducted in eight months over the practical procedures.

In particular, last November, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang that “there will be delicious food in Korea to enjoy the many Chinese who comes to China. I will recommend the chicken soup Korea to the Chinese,” it became more directly with the topic mentioned.

The popular chicken soup sold in Chinese stores catering. According to Eland has been consumed in China Natural byeolgok by an average of more than 900 chicken soup bowl a day. Average sold by 300-400 bowl until last month. Eland official said, “There is chicken soup popular among Chinese customers increasingly looking for natural wonak high byeolgok to eat their chicken soup.”

Just as in Hong Kong, which was suspended exports to highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) resumed exports through consultations between quarantine authorities. Chicken and duck meat, eggs, etc. Hong Kong exports dwaeteotda suspended last from May 2014 to Highly Pathogenic AI influence.

This year’s hottest battlefield of domestic companies are likely to be China. Representative of strong domestic food CJ CJ and destination, Harim also sets out a Chinese chicken soup market. CJ CJ is indeed in the frame, the target is reportedly powered by a chicken soup from Moguchon.

The company has gone one step ahead of Harim. Harim took ssuning held the 1700 China-store and online platforms and hands. The future of Harim chicken soup (retort method, room temperature storage) are supplied to Chinese consumers through the distribution sales network ssuning. Other company officials also explained, “While we can not discuss the details being referred to formulate detailed and partners in China entering the market Samgyetang is confirmed.”

Singapore also emerged as ssolssolhan export markets. According to the local top 28 in Singapore Singapore Shopping Mall Q10 ㈜ ELK food of Korea, Jinshan cauldron force gyetang ‘July sales grew a whopping 786 percent or more in June. July sales are aggregated value from 1 up to 21 days.
Q10 official said, “Since early June, began the chicken soup sales, market Week 4 of June 24 increased sales noticeably from” and “to the product reviews of delicious healthy image spread word of mouth among Singapore consumers more it seems, “he said. Fresh ingredients firm CJ Wei also has been exporting chicken soup retort way to Singapore and Australia since November 2014. As of April this year, Singapore is 2500 Yuan, Australia is raising the sales level of 42 million won.

Singapore market is the result of propaganda thanks to the Korean Wave. Q10 guhuijin External Relations Team deputy explained, “Singapore has a strong regional and Korea yeneunggwa Korean dramas, K-POP”. The actual Singapore are popular and Seolleongtang of Andong steamed chicken and food often came to the domestic drama.

As a result, this year Samgyetang exports are forecast to increase significantly. Annual exports of chicken soup has increased slightly in the past year 2196-1802 tons in 2013. But this year, China and Hong Kong market opened wide popularity grows Singapore export growth rate is expected to peak ever recorded.
Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food are actively supporting the promotion was announced the promotion getdaneun compound eye reap the export performance of 300 million in China in early this year.

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