Australian Oil Enters A Legal Battle With A Malaysian Syndicate

As oil becomes ever more precious, coveted techniques develop to boost effectiveness. Today Quantum Petroleum battles NanoC University over these stolen trade secrets.

August 11, 2016 – Since 1996 the United States defined economic espionage in The Economic Espionage Act  as the use of stolen secrets to benefit foreign powers or create economic or commercial advantage. NanoC University has met these requirements with the recent plundering of Intellectual Property (IP) from Quantum Petroleum. These specific techniques were created by Quantum Petroleum to craft perfect oil-based lubricants, cutting down on waste products while improving efficiency. This trade secret was an idea valued at fifteen billion Malaysian Ringgit, which is equivalent to just under four billion US Dollars.

Now that the trade secrets have been passed around, they have significantly declined in value, an action extremely damaging to Quantum Petroleum. Today Quantum Petroleum seeks legal justice which is disappointingly hard to find given the circumstances. NanoC University has taken cover in Malaysia, a country with exceptionally slow wheels of justice.

To make matters worse Malaysia gives foreigners no legal rights, making the upcoming legal battle tremendously difficult to arrange. Additionally NanoC University has deep roots in Malaysia, resulting in a corrupted protection of their crimes. Therefore Quantum Petroleum has been forced to seek justice through international IP laws. This singular case is of particular importance due to the fact that if NanoC University is able to get away with their actions unreprimanded countless others will follow in their footsteps.

About Quantum Petroleum

Quantum Petroleum is an Australian based company dedicated to providing the highest quality products available. They produce the most refined lubricant that satisfies the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. Quantum Petroleum also values our planet and shows this through their green initiative. To support this they use semi-synthetic alternatives which are less environmentally damaging than their traditional counterparts.

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